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DevOps Online Training: An Organisational Shift and Boost for the Company

We are living in a technology driven world and companies are competing with each other to secure a better position in the world market and improve the quality of work they delivery. This is possible only when it starts to have more of technology and software expert at their office who will help them to work from any desired place.

UAE is the center for the people of Middle eastern country for business and growth in the economy. Having a better infrastructure facility, MNCs look forward to come at major places in UAE like Dubai to set up their Gulf business. Dubai comprises of major sectors like logistic, insurance, trade, finance, hospitality, etc. which is adopting DevOps practice to manifold the growth and attract investors. Demand of DevOps experts is growing with attractive package and growth.

What is DevOps?

In the layman term, DevOps is a combination of Development and Operation team and its aims is to speed up the working process of the company and cater to the need of the customers in the shortest time span. It eliminates the barrier between the engineers and IT team, robust the process and help the company to work in high velocity.

DevOps market is growing rapidly and is attracting major Corporate takers thereby boosting the UAE economy. While the world is hit by COVID-19 which has affected the economy and normal business function. Post-Coronavirus, corporates and world market would take a pace and fill in the loss suffered and many would switch to DevOps and hire experts of AI and DevOps to improve their Operational and Process productivity.

Benefit of DevOps Culture

Today, clients and customers rarely come to your office for taking to your service. World has undergone a change and has become digital where majority of the work is done online. As the competition is increasing, the only way you can stand out of the crowd is by being fast and delivering quality service. DevOps will help the company in the following way:

  1. Reliable and On-time delivery

Company will be able to fasten up the process of software and application development by 50%. Continuous delivery and continuous integration process help the company to delivery and reach their customers and provide them with the best results.

Through DevOps, application and software delivered are up-to-date and free from threat. It gives a positive and reliable experience to the customers and keeps their application updated and informs about any changes required at a later stage.

  1. Reduce Risk and Threat

With the use of DevOps, companies may eliminate the risk of bug or threat to the software. It helps to have a control and build a compliance policy with the help of infrastructure as code. The continuous integration process in DevOps helps the team to identify the bug at the earliest possible time and remove it from the software thereby putting forth before their customers best of the available options.


  1. Collaboration between the Sector Improves

On the most important change is that the Developers and Operation team works as a multidisciplinary team and combine their work. This has led to:

  • Delivery of the better quality of work,
  • Reduce in the time of work hour
  • Transparency
  • Better communication and collaboration

DevOps helps the company to eliminate the time that the earlier model took in delivering the work of engineers to the operation team and difficulty arose thereafter.

Best DevOps Practices

There are different DevOps tools that the company can switch to. Few of the many are:

  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Integration
  • Microservices
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Agile
  • Monitoring and Logging

However, before choosing a DevOps tool the company should first go for a Pilot Project which will help the team to know about the possible challenges and roadblock when switching to cloud-based model and how to avoid them in the near future.

Demand of DevOps Experts would rise to improve Employment engagement and Better Customer satisfaction. With this, company would be able to produce High quality products and save a lot of Operational cost. To make sure that software experts and recent graduates do not sit idle and prepare themselves for Post-Coronavirus challenges, Inventaeq has switched to DevOps Online Training. Online training makes social distancing easy and at the same time not compromising on lectures. Take online lectures, learn from DevOps experts and get reading materials online with Inventateq and get New Business opportunity and Boon in profit. If u are looking for classroom session then they have devops training in bangalore.

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