Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Christian Prayers for Peace and Unity in 2020

We welcomed 2020 with so much joy and excitement, yet the first month of this year is not as good as what we were expecting.

The sad news such as earthquakes and eruption of Taal volcano in the Philippines, bushfire in Australia, a possible war between Iran and America, and the latest one today, which is the Novel Coronavirus bombarded us.

These human-made and natural disasters give an unsettling feeling to people all over the world, but we have no other choice, but to equip ourselves to combat all of it. It ruined our inner peace and broke the camaraderie that we have built before. We badly want to save our lives and failed to empathize due to the roaring troubles life is throwing at us.

In times like these, what are the primary defenses that will surely console us? What are the things we need to do to ease the anxieties? Whom are we going to ask for help if these adversities come? Let me tell you a secret; prayer is the key to having peace of mind and unity.

A Prayer for Serenity amidst the Chaos
Heavenly Father, grant our souls the peace we want for ourselves as we face the chaos of the world. Allow the calmness to rule our hearts and never let fears rule over our minds. Help us not to be afraid of all the tragedy that keeps on shaking our faith in You. Let Your precious blood cover each one of us, Amen.

A Prayer for Anxiousness
Heavenly God, encourage us with Your love and mercy. Free us from the chain that halts us to become closer to You. Free us from fear, anxieties, and worries that keep on pushing us to our limits. Turn our distress to something great, Lord. Thank You for not abandoning us throughout the battle, Amen.

A Prayer for your Family
Lord, the time You have given me my family was the happiest moment of my life. Each of us has a dream we want to fulfill, Lord; as we separate every day to reach that goal, allow us to stay connected to one another. Help us cast the burdens that slowed us from reaching our goals. They are the best gift I received from You, God. We allow You to be the center of this family, Amen.

A Prayer for Harmony
Almighty God, the world is in disarray; help us to spread love, among others. Please give us the burden to accept and respect other people that don’t share the same beliefs with ours. Never allow superiority to come our way, Lord. Let the fairness prevails at the end. Amen.

A Prayer for Healing
Lord, the world is at war right now. Many people are in great trouble because of personal and social struggles. God, heal us from the distress inflicted on us by the world. Many people are enraged because of unresolved traumas and relationship in the past; deliver to them the full healing they need and allow their hearts to understand that only You can change their whole life. Amen.

A Prayer During Difficulties
Good Lord, each of us is facing difficulties right now. Sometimes, it weakens our foundation and gives us an unsettling feeling. Some of us chose to die because they didn’t surpass the challenges. God, there are people out there who can’t combat tribulations. Today, I ask You, God, to give them courage and wisdom on how to solve their struggles. Please give us the vision to see the impossible. Amen.

A Prayer for the Self
Lord, I get too confident of myself sometimes and forget that You existed; I am losing my balance, Lord. Draw me closer to Your presence so that I may find the peace and love that I have been searching for too long. Please, bring me the power to understand the setbacks and tribulations that try to shake my faith. I do not know the future. Help me prepare and pick the right armor as I start my journey towards uncertainty. I am offering my life to You, God.

We can formulate prayers through the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ. The bible always consoles us by reminding us that God listens to every whisper of our hearts. For more topics about knowing God, about the scriptures and prayers, you can access christian.net and have more conversations with our God.

When life pulls you to the edge, it is reasonable to seek for remedy. Never stop yourself in finding cures for all the adversities. Prayer is a powerful weapon we can use to fight any challenge. The comfort of having God in our lives is incomparable. Yes, you can live your life according to your will, but living with the Lord is way better than maneuvering it alone. If you are in the hands of the Lord, you are secured and loved.

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