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GCC Chief’s Anti-Iran Stance Not Shared by All Members: Tehran

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman says the stance adopted by the secretary general of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on the Islamic Republic does not reflect the viewpoints of all member states.

Hook’s Resignation Triggered by Failure of Anti-Iran Efforts: Analyst

A senior political expert says Brian Hook stepped down as the US special Iran envoy because his efforts against Tehran failed to produce any tangible results.

Iran Urges UNSC to Show Its Independence on Arms Embargo Vote

A senior Iranian official has called on members of the UN Security Council to show their independence by voting against a US-drafted resolution on the extension of a UN arms embargo against Iran, which is to expire in October.

Iran Hails Global Solidarity with Lebanese after Beirut Blast

The Iranian president has expressed content with world countries expressing solidarity with people of Lebanon who suffered greatly in a recent massive explosion in Beirut.
Iran Condemns Expansion of EU, US Sanctions on Syria

Iran Rejects GCC’s ‘Irresponsible’ Statement

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has denounced a recent anti-Iran statement issued by the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
Iran's Red Crescent Erects Field Hospital in Lebanon

Iran’s Red Crescent Erects Field Hospital in Lebanon

The Iranian Red Crescent Society has set up a makeshift hospital in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, as part of its efforts to help the Arab country after the massive blast that hit Beirut port.

Iran Warns about Saudi Arabia’s Covert Nukes Program

Iran’s ambassador to international organizations has warned about Saudi Arabia’s covert nuclear program, urging the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to probe into the "non-transparent" program.
Kiling Gen. Soleimani Clear Example of US State Terrorism: Iran

US Must Be Held Accountable for Plane Interception: Iran to UN

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations has called on the United Nations to hold the US accountable for the interception of an Iranian passenger plane by two American fighter jets in the skies over Syria last month, which it called an “unlawful” and an “act of adventure”.

Iran Vows to Help Lebanon Following Huge Blast in Beirut

Iran says it will stand by the Lebanese government and nation and will offer them any assistance it can.

Iran Says No Difference between Hook, His Successor

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman has downplayed the surprise departure of US State Department's point man on Iran Brian Hook, saying there is no difference between him and his successor.