Thursday, August 18, 2022

Iranian Media Highlights

Terrorists Fire Shells at Area near Russian Embassy in Damascus

Four shells fired by the Jaysh al-Islam terrorists hit the Al-Mazraa area in Damascus where the Russian embassy is located.

Trump Registered 8 Companies in Saudi Arabia during Campaign: Report

President-elect Donald Trump registered eight companies during his presidential campaign that appear to be tied to hotel interests in Saudi Arabia.

27 Students Killed and Wounded in Terrorist Attack on Aleppo School

Takfiri [extremist] militants killed dozens of Syrian students in a deadly attack on a school in Aleppo.

Migratory Birds Land in Iran’s Khomeyn Natural Habitat

Migratory starlings have landed in Khomeyn natural habitat in central Iran.

ISIS’ Atrocities Bring Shiite and Sunni Muslims in Iraq Closer to Each Other!

The heinous crimes committed by the ISIS terrorist group have brought Muslim people closer to each other.

Women’s Safety Conference to Be Held in Iran

"Women's Safety, Global Peace, and Prosperity" Conference is scheduled to be held in northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad next week.

Veteran Iranian Conservative Journalist Dies

Hassan Shayanfar, a senior conservative journalist, and a cultural advisor to Keyhan newspaper, passed away at the age of 60.

First Russian Tourist Train Arrives in Iran

The first tourist train, departed from the Russian capital of Moscow, has arrived in Iran.

Trump’s Paradox: Close Ties with Putin and Hostility towards Iran

While Iran and Russia are known as strategic allies, the next US president is going to enhance his country’s ties with Russia and at the same time put Iran under pressure. Is it possible?

Saudi Prince: Trump’s Daughter Is My Friend

A Saudi billionaire says he has had economic relationships with Donald Trump for years, and is close to his daughter, Ivanka.

Cartoon Shows Clinton’s Deep Sorrow after Being Defeated by Trump

Hillary Clinton has laid bare her disappointment at her election defeat to Donald Trump.

Iran to Produce 13m Tons of Wheat Next Year

An Iranian official says the country will produce more than 13 million tons of wheat in the next Persian year, starting from mid-March.

Senior Iranian Conservative Urges Trump to Get Rid of Iran Deal

The editor-in-chief of Kayhan newspaper, which is internationally known as a hard-line media outlet, hailed the policies adopted by the US president-elect, and asked him to tear apart the nuclear deal with Iran.

Iran’s Ex-President Ahmadinejad Taking Part in National Census

Former President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad replied to the questions of a census interviewer in front of his house in eastern Tehran.

Cartoon: Hillary Clinton, the Mother of ISIS

In a cartoon released by Fars News, the US Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is portrayed as the mother of the ISIS terrorist group.

Body of ISIS Terrorist Eaten by Cats

Amid the ongoing operation to liberate the ISIS-held city of Mosul, photos released in social media show the body of an ISIS element being eaten by cats.

Over 700 ISIS Terrorists Killed Since Beginning of Mosul Operation

Iraqi forces and the US-led coalition have so far killed more than 700 terrorists in the ongoing battle to retake the ISIS-held city of Mosul.

Iran Ready to Monitor US Elections: MP

An Iranian Member of Parliament says Tehran is ready to monitor the upcoming US Presidential elections, which is claimed by GOP candidate Donald Trump to be ‘rigged’.

Iraqis May Be Fined Up to $21,000 for Alcoholic Drinks

The Iraqi Parliament has introduced a law that bans the import, production, sale, and purchase of alcoholic beverage.

ISIS Executioner Shot Dead by ‘Mosul Sniper’ before Beheading Teenager

A sniper in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul killed an ISIS terrorist while he was going to execute a teenage Iraqi boy.

Over 830 Cities and Villages Join Syria Ceasefire

A Russian source announced that more than 830 Syrian cities and villages have joined the reconciliation agreement in the war-hit country.

ISIS Blows Up Government Building before Leaving Mosul

The ISIS terrorist group on Wednesday morning blew up the office of Mosul’s Governor-General before fleeing from the city.

Two Iranian Ministers Resign: Sources

Iran's Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati and Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Mahmoud Goudarzi have offered their resignation, informed sources said on Tuesday.

Iran’s Ministry of Culture Holds First Electronic Election

In one of the first electronic polls in Iran, the managing directors of Iranian news and media outlets elected their representative.

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