Bloody Infighting among ISIS Terrorists in Iraq


Several ISIS elements have been killed and wounded in an armed infighting in the Iraqi town of Hawija.

According to a report by IRNA, as translated by IFP, a security force in Kirkuk said a number of ISIS terrorists were trying to flee Hawija on Sunday morning to give themselves up to Iraqi troops.

However, the source added, another group of terrorists blocked their way and started an armed conflict.

The source, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, told Al Masalah that two terrorists were immediately killed and eight were wounded in the infighting.

The ISIS terrorist group has reportedly mobilized a group of 40 and deployed them to nearby fields and villages to find the fugitives.

Earlier, another security source in Kirkuk had announced that five young Iraqis were executed by ISIS elements because of alleged cooperation with Iraqi security service.

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