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Best Foods One Can Taste in Iran

If you are planning on travelling to Iran from your home country, then it is important to do some important searches before planning your trip.

If you stop playing poker online  then maybe we can plan your trip properly. It is a fact that every country has its own cuisine and its own sense of taste which you cannot just judge on the basis of the food you have in your country! So today we are going to talk about the different foods you can have or should not have on your stay there!

We will recommend that you avoid meat if you have a weak stomach, but then there are some dishes that are irresistible that you can’t miss while you’re in Iran!

The Kebab Stew!

The Kebab Gamaj stew in Iranian cuisine is said to be one of the most fabulous dishes available in the entire country, and it must be on your top list to try the food on your trip to Iran. The gemaj kebab is basically cooked with red meat, especially camel meat. People of Iran cook it with red meat and white meat such as chicken meat or turkey meat too, it just depends on your liking!

The meal, when cooked in white meat, is called as an interesting name as Tala-Ghoorabe in the local Persian language! This stew is not only said to be one of the most delicious stews in the entire world but it is also famous for bringing good health for those who consume it because of the different natural herbs it is cooked in.

The Torsheh Vash!

Now, this is a dish that is liked by people having a favorite place for spicy and sour food. The Torsheh Vash is said to be one of the most exciting foods of Iran. Now let us tell you that the originally existing cuisine of Iran is not spicy or salty at all, they like to eat simple and natural flavors, and they don’t spice up stuff unnecessarily.

If you are a spicy food lover, then it is a must-try dish for you. Well, this dish is available in the local area of Iran, especially in the northern areas of Iran people like to eat out more. It is made by using a plant named as Torsheh Vash as the main ingredient. This dish has said to have many benefits like it is said to be strengthened to your hair, your nails and your skin too. So if you have bad hair, then you must consume as much of this dish as possible!

This dish is a combination of chicken and other vegetables like eggplant, sorrels, plum paste, ginger, garlic, and pomegranate paste. A person who loves a sour taste may want to eat it thrice a day. You must know an interesting fact about the stew, and it is served and best preferred with rice or pulao as they say in the local language.

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