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Best Buffet Dinner in Dubai

You are celebrating a simple holiday trip or celebrate any special occasion trip with the family or friends, and then there is no shortage of buffet dinner in Dubai. Buffet dinner must be included in your trip and this thing makes your trip very amazing.

In this article, we will tell you about the different buffet dinner in Dubai. If you are going to Dubai then read this article very carefully for best buffet dinner in Dubai. So read all the information very carefully.

Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

A “Dhow” is a traditional wooden boat very common in the Middle East and has historically been used for a wide variety of purposes, mainly trade. The “dhows” are built in a variety of sizes and in the United Arab Emirates; they have been used primarily for trade between the United Arab Emirates and Iran, as well as for the practice of diving in search of pearls.

The Arab dhow cruise with dinner is considered one of the most romantic trips, especially our new tour of the Dubai Marina, which will allow you to enjoy the most fascinating landscapes of Dubai. “Alexandra” is a “dhow” boat Traditional 120-foot Arabic that has been refurbished to make it a high quality floating restaurant for more info click here.

The international buffet dinner offers unlimited drinks. As part of the two-hour cruise, a 15-20 minute show is offered by dance Walid “Tanura”, a traditional dance that originated in Turkey and is characterized by the fact that the dancer spins nonstop, creating various patterns with dazzling colored ropes.

5-star Dhow Rustar cruise in Dubai

If you get a chance to travel toward Dubai, you should have to cruise on Dubai creek to enjoy the romantic night with your loved one and also sunbathe. The luxurious Rhowtar cruise Dhow provides you the three types of comfortability for 350 persons

You will get a warm welcome with fresh Arabic dates and coffee from the staff of the 5-Star Dhow cruise. You will get this before you own your table. Here you can enjoy a great dinner with your partner. You have also a choice to select the dinner place either indoor or outdoor.

If you prefer the indoor dinner then you will get the facility of air condition. Or if you like to sit outside then you can enjoy the great Arabian night sky, also Desert Safari Dubai for the complete detail.

During this luxurious cruise, you will definitely enjoy the Dubai Creek which is also known as the heart of Dubai where you will see the culture including new and old activities of Dubai. You will also enjoy the view of Dubai National Bank, Heritage Village, Cargo Port and many more.

Other than this you will get a private place where you can send your precious time with your loved ones.

Best Buffet Dinner in DubaiThe buffet of 5-star Dhow Rustar cruise consists of a large number of delicious food which you can enjoy while you are busy in live entertainment on board. With all these facilities you will get free Wi-Fi, best cocktails and well stocked alcohol.

Cruise with floating dinner at Jameela restaurant in Dubai Creek:

Jameela, the beauty of the estuary. In fact, it is a magnificent boat. River cruises offer fun and entertainment aboard our traditional Arabic dhow, take a pleasant 2-hour dinner cruise along the estuary and admire the cultural landscapes of Dubai while sharing special moments with your loved ones. Pass through the main attractions of Dubai, such as the Al Maktoum Bridge and the Grand Mosque.

And enjoy an international 5-star buffet prepared by our experienced team of chefs. When booking there are two options, a dinner cruise with a glass of house wine or a free soft drink. Or an option that includes pick-up in and transfers back to the hotel with dinner cruise with a glass of wine from the house or free soft drink.

Enjoy the night in Dubai Creek with dinner and cruise. If you have chosen the transportation option, they will pick you up at your hotel in an air-conditioned minibus and take you to the cruise. The boarding time begins from 7:15 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. The cruise leaves promptly at 8:00 p.m.

A warm welcome awaits you with red carpet, hot and cold towels, Arabic coffee and dates. Lively attendees will show you their designated seats. The lower deck is covered with glass and has air conditioning; it is like an elegant restaurant with a buffet dinner at one end and a well-equipped drinks bar at the other.

Best Buffet Dinner in DubaiThe upper deck is covered, spacious and has Majlis seats and seats in the center for the relaxation of the participants. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the 2-hour cruise while watching the monuments of Dubai Creek, such as the Al Maktoum Bridge, the Grand Mosque, the Rolex Tower, the floating bridge and many more.

Enjoy charming 5-star international buffet prepared by expert chefs with a glass of house wine or free soft drink.

The ship docks at the original starting point at approximately 10:00 pm. At the end of the cruise, if you have chosen the return transport, you will be left back at your hotel. If you want to know other details then

So here you can do the best buffet dinner. All the places given above provide you the best buffet dinner with the music, Wi-Fi and many other facilities. These places will make your night with the best buffet dinner. If you have any queries related to the buffet dinner then you can contact us.

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