Friday, September 29, 2023

Back in Time: 3 Popular Flip Phones in 2020

Currently, it’s no exaggeration when we say that smartphones have taken over the world, right? Sure, you still get those stragglers with their block of a cellphone that only allows calls and texts. Other than the random stragglers, it’s almost guaranteed that everyone you know among your family and friends currently holds a smartphone of a popular brand name.

Gone are the days for carrying an mp3 player, a camera, a map, and a calculator. Everything is already jam-packed in the four walls of your LCD screen, all for your comfort and ease. However, we do have a few recommendations for you to grab that nostalgic feeling once more. Back to the simpler times where simply opening your phone can impress, flip phones.

Alcatel Go Flip 3

If you’re a sucker for clean and sleek designs, there’s no better one to go for than the Alcatel Go Flip 3. This phone is probably your go-to choice if you were to go out looking for some flip phones. It has the essentials you can find on a smartphone, with a calendar, emailing, a Google Assistant, Bluetooth, Wifi, a GPS, and even boasting a 4G connection!

Like many of the phones that existed before the battery-consuming screens of smartphones, flip phones still manage to dominate in terms of battery life, brilliantly exhibited by the Go Flip 3. With a 2.8-inch internal screen and a 1.44-inch external screen, you can be sure that this phone will last for more than two weeks on standby!

Alcatel MyFlip

We have another product by Alcatel that isn’t shy of the Go Flip 3. The MyFlip also boasts a 4G LTE connectivity, but this one seems more fitting for the older adults who like less clutter on their screens. The MyFlip still has wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, just like the Go Flip 3! The MyFlip has a quad-core processor with 4GB of ram and up to 32GB for storage.

Akin to the Go Flip 3, this flip phone also has a 2.8-inch main screen with a slightly smaller external screen to display any incoming notifications, be it calls or text messages. With a 2-MP camera and a 1350-mAh battery, there’s no need to worry about losing battery life too quickly.

Easyfone Prime A1

There’s no better phone on the market fit for the more-aged audience. With the classic silver, clam-shell appearance comes a slightly smaller 2.4-inch main screen but with a 1.44-inch external screen. Larger buttons, icons, and text, there’s no doubt that the elderly won’t have any problems when it comes to navigating with the Easyfone Prime A1 flip phone!

This flip phone is probably the more basic out of the bunch, made just for calling and texting, so there’s no need for further confusion with today’s advanced technology. It still has the 2MP camera, but just a flashlight and an FM radio, this time. Fit for those who love simplicity.


There you have it, our list of flip phones that’s a blast from the past! They still have that primary function that phones achieve with calling and texting but in the form of a more basic flip phone. If you’re a huge fan of phones that adhere to very simple designs and technology the I definitely suggest for you to splurge out for one of the flip phones on this list!

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