Azerbaijan urges Armenia to sign peace treaty

The President of Azerbaijan Republic ,Ilkham Aliye, has called on his arch foe Armenia to sign a peace treaty with Baku.

“I think that the Armenian government is quite capable of taking the responsibility to get ready and sign a peace treaty,” he stated on Tuesday, adding that remarks about factors obstructing the process are “a very convenient trick to shun responsibility.”

“A responsible authority must answer for its deeds. Every country has difficulties, every leader has to cope with some problems, but it is not something to speculate about. It is every [leader’s] homework – to convince his people, to do practical work for peace instead of making declarations of intent,” the president continued.

The Azerbaijanin leader described the prospective peace treaty as a “simple document that reflects all the basic principles.”

“And, of course, there must be no mention of our internal problems and anything related to Karabakh,” he noted.

Aliyev accused the Armenian side of “trying to reflect the issue of Karabakh in the possible peace treaty by all means, thus effectively blocking it.”

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