Thursday, June 13, 2024

Analyst: Biden’s Middle East trip shouldn’t be overestimated

A top Iranian political analyst has downplayed US President Joe Biden’s tour of the Middle East in a wider context of developments in the world, saying the trip on its own cannot change the deep-seated policies in the region and beyond.

Hassan Behesthtipour, in a detailed interview with Ensaf News website, analyzed the recent changes in the world, the war in Ukraine, and Iran’s role and approach in the new makeup in the Middle East.

Behesthtipour said the US withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan confirmed its policies in the region have failed, and to make up for the failure, Washington put forward a plan to form a NATO-style military alliance in the Middle East with Iran in its crosshairs.

He, however, said Iran has a proactive policy and prepares for the worst-case scenario before it unravels.

He added Iran’s natural alliance with the resistance movements in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen are in line with this policy.

Despite the hostile atmosphere, he expressed optimism that several rounds of talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia would lead to the resumption of diplomatic ties between the two countries, as a prelude to a rapprochement between the Islamic Republic and the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt.

On restoring Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal, Behesthtipour said the United States would eventually have to lift sanctions on Iran and join the agreement as it cannot find a replacement for Iran’s oil and gas supplies.

Furthermore, the Iranian political analyst said the West is seeking to cause perpetual mayhem in the region and other parts of world through various tactics, including financings its proxy wars in Yemen and Ukraine.

Also touching on the conflict in Ukraine, Behesthtipour said, although Russia is definitely the aggressor, the West’s militarism had a direct role in the war whose aftermath will spill over into the Middle East.

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