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A Simple and Hassle Free Process to Obtain Malaysia Tourist Visa

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Before you apply for a Malaysia visa you need to be aware about the various protocols surrounding them.

The process of Malaysia visa has been made simpler by the government of Malaysia. One of the reasons could be that they would like a steady flow of tourists as compared to the visitors in Thailand. The number of tourists visiting this country is expected to grow at a massive level in the days to come. Before you apply for a visa you need to be aware about the various protocols surrounding them.

The Visa types

  • eNTRI visa- suited best for visit to the country as a tourist for 15 days
  • 30 days a single entry Malaysia evisa- this visa allows you to stay in the country for 30 days as you can enter the country at a single time
  • A 30 days multiple e entry visa- it allows you to enter the country for 30 days as you can enter the country multiple days
  • A 1 year multiple entry e visa- a 30 day stay where you can entry the country at any times as per your desire.

Considering your plans you can opt for the right visa type. Though one of the best ways to procure a visa is a Malaysian e NTRI visa where your visa is approved with a time span of 2 hours. In fact the e visa for the Indians could be taking around 5 days. In order to be applying for the visa you have to be filling up a form.

Keep away from visa scams

The visa scams are very common. There are a lot of websites that help you avail a Malaysian visa with relative ease. At the starting phase you have to make a payment of Rs 500. Once you obtain the visa you have to pay the remaining amount. The status or validity of the visa can be checked on the government site. Then you can go ahead and make the full payment.

  • There are sites where you can go on to pay 10 % of the visa amount initially. A notable feature is that you can avail a visa even if you travel and hotel arrangements are not in place as there is a risk because 10 % of the visas in the country tend to be rejected
  • Nearly 23 % of the visas in the country are rejected due to strict protocols in place.

Procedure to apply for a visa

The process to apply for a visa is simple once you have expert advice at your peril. Just fill in the form and once you complete it experts will get in touch with you to explain the visa formalities. You have to include the documents along with the necessary fees as far as to complete the process of application evolves.

Firstly, you have to fill in the application form and then the necessary fees have to paid where you need to upload all documents.

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