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6 Sensational Flower Combinations You Can Send to Your Friend in Jaipur

The city of Jaipur in India annually hosts numerous festivals and celebrates happy days, during which people gift each other unique items and flowers. This story lists the best traditional flowers and gifts one can get for friends who live in the pink city.

Jaipur is a city in India, which is proud of itself as a modern region with roots in traditional culture. It is known as the pink city, as most of the houses are painted in that colour.

The city has an interesting historical past, and today it hosts various fairs and festivals throughout the year. Residents often prepare lavish meals including Missi Roti, Daal Bati Churma, Moong Thal, etc. on various occasions.

They gift each other unique items and flowers to celebrate the day. If you have a friend who lives in Jaipur, then what could be better than surprising him/her with a floral bouquet and a token of appreciation during major festivals?

We will list out the best traditional flowers and gifts you can get for your friend, who lives in the pink city.

  1. Lilies and Carnations

Lilies and carnations are associated with aspects such as innocence, respect, and beauty. You can choose an assorted bouquet of these and send flowers to Jaipur to your friend on an event of success, such as promotion at work, completion of an educational course, etc. Select a box of exotic chocolates or a gourmet box to send along.

  1. Roses and Daffodils

Coming in various colours, roses and daffodils are perfect presents for women. If you have a female friend in the pink city, you can surprise her with floral arrangement containing these blooms. You can thank her for her efforts to keep the friendship ongoing; she will be definitely overwhelmed. Do not forget to add on a personal note or a greeting card to make the event more special.

  1. Daisies and Gerberas

Daises and gerberas are remarkable choices if you want to present something artistic to your friend. The peculiar pattern of these blooms makes it standout from other floras. You can select designer vases and pots to include daisies and gerberas, and send flowers to Jaipur to your friend on occasions such as birthday, engagement, wedding, etc.

  1. Tulips and Orchids

Tulips and orchids are luxury flowers. These can be chosen to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, festivals, and other functions. As the city witnesses several fairs such as Teej, Gangaur festival, literature festival, kite festival, etc., you can get floral basket of tulip and orchids to convey your thoughtful wishes on these events. Perhaps order along sweets such as Chauguni ke laddu, Feeni, Ghevar, etc.

  1. Gladioli and Chrysanthemums

The tall structure of Gladioli gives it a special look. These blooms are available in different colours and form decorative items for home interiors. People usually place Chrysanthemums and Gladioli on coffee table, wall stands, gardens, patios, verandas, etc. You may send flowers to Jaipur with a stone carving or a sculpture, as gifts to observe Friendship Day or any special occasion.

  1. Alstroemeria and Purple Statice

Both Alstroemeria and Purple Statice reflect aspects such as wonder, peace, harmony, love, and joy. These can go well with home decoration that imbibes traditional art, such as that seen in Jaipur homes. Residents hang block-printed works on wall or miniature paintings, ivory carved figures, shellac items, blue pottery etc. The floral basket containing Alstroemeria and Purple Statice with colourful decorative items will welcome freshness to your friend’s home.

As residents of Jaipur prefer a vibrant lifestyle not forgetting their culture, sending colourful and fragrant flowers to them is a way of matching up with their outlook, while simultaneously thanking them in every way. Even if your friend may or may not be a local resident, but someone who is in the city for other purpose, such as travel, work, education etc, it is a great idea to present them with floral gifts and bouquets on their special days, such as birthday, Friendship day etc.

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