Thursday, November 30, 2023

“5th peak of Covid has ended in most of Iran”

Iran's Ministry of Health says the fifth peak of Covid-19 is over is most of the country.

The statement came after West Azerbaijan and Kurdistan provinces said the Covid spike came to an end there.

The Health Ministry also said hospitalizations are down in all provinces. It however warned that any laxity in health protocols could cause infections to spike again.

The end of the fifth Covid peak pushed down the number of cities marked red from 29 to 16. The highest daily Coronavirus death tally happened on September 30 when 542 people died.

Authorities attribute the decrease in the new Covid cases to vaccine imports and production at home that accelerated the vaccination process countrywide. They hope to inoculate all citizens in a matter of months.

Covid-19 has so far killed 120,428 people in Iran since the start of the pandemic some two years ago.

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