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5 Top Warehouse Safety Precautions for a Successful Operation

As a warehouse owner or manager, what can you do to keep your operation safe? Discover five safety precautions you can take today.

How can you keep your warehouse operation safe?

No employer wants their staff to be injured. Not only is it a liability and insurance concern, but you also lose productivity and your employees lose a friend and colleague for a time. As a warehouse manager or owner, you might feel like you’re limited in what you can do. After all, you can have all the safety rules in the world but your employees have to follow them.

The good news is that – aside from enforcing safety rules – there are things you can do to make your warehouse safer overall. Here are five tips you can start implementing today.

Schedule Regular Safety Protocol Training

Yes, your employees may roll their eyes, but they’ll be glad when they go home with all their fingers and toes. At least every quarter, hold training to keep everyone up to speed and on the same page.

If you make any updates to the safety manual, make sure you host a training as well. You want to address any important changes in uniform, safety equipment, forklift features, and more.5 Top Warehouse Safety Precautions for a Successful Operation 2

Appoint Team Leaders to Manage Clutter and Spills

One person can’t make sure an entire warehouse stays clean, but if you assign leaders to various areas, you’ll have a much better chance.

These leads should be held accountable for managing boxes, debris, and any spills that happen. Preventing slips and falls is one of the top priorities when it comes to warehouse safety, as these simple accidents are the most common cause of injury.

Create a checklist and ensure it’s followed at the start of each shift, and walk the floor to monitor cleanliness and perform spot-checks.


Post-Safety Expectations Throughout the Workplace

Consistent visual reminders are a huge boost to your verbal instruction. Safety expectations should be placed throughout areas where key equipment is used, from hand dollies to Counterbalance Lift Truck Rear Post.

The posters and reminders can help employees stay aware of the risks involved in operating equipment so they take precautions to avoid injury. A picture is worth 1000 words, so focus on visual signs over wordy ones.

Reward Workplace Safety

Employees can get comfortable with their jobs and may not always follow the rules. To keep them vigilant, consider ways you can reward them for safe behaviour. Too many warehouse owners and managers focus only on correction, which can create a negative environment.

Consider a reward for a number of consecutive days of passed safety checks. This can be as simple as buying subs for the shift for lunch. You can also reward individual safety behaviours with gift cards or an entry into a drawing for a larger prize. 5 Top Warehouse Safety Precautions for a Successful Operation 3

Frequently Check Safety Equipment

If there’s an emergency, you want everything from sprinklers to first aid kids to be in top shape. The only way they stay that way is if you check on them regularly. A simple walk-around with a checklist makes this easy.

Are there boxes blocking a sprinkler, emergency exit, or fire extinguisher? Are the medical supplies up-to-date in each kit? Are spare batteries in good order? Do fire alarms work properly?

Reviewing the condition of safety equipment is a low-cost way you can make a big difference in employee safety in your warehouse.

Keep Your Staff Safe

When you follow these five safety tips and hire a safety training consultant, you’ll be able to keep your warehouse in great shape. Your work environment will be safer, employees will go home each night in one piece, and you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to prevent accidents.

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