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4 Best Online Writing Courses

The quarantine is the high time to obtain new abilities. Not only can you do your home assignments, play video games, or watch movies, but also you can pick up some skills, for example, in writing. 

Moreover, if you appear to be a student, learning the ropes regarding writing seems to be one of the best activities one should be involved in throughout the lockdown. Indeed, you can buy an essay and get your job done at the drop of a hat at any time, but let’s have a quick look at how easy it might be to write a paper by yourself through taking some courses. Read on to get familiarized with the most affordable writing courses.

English Composition Class

Created by Arizona State University, the program aims to develop your rudimentary writing skills by an intensive eight-week course. During this time, you will learn a plethora of beneficial abilities applicable to each and every writing branch. In order to keep you engaged all the time, the instructors will ask you to complete various tasks and reflections on each of them. The structure of the aforementioned assignments is to nudge you to evolve your thinking in terms of writing and make you write similar texts, but in other words, thus augmenting your vocabulary. By the time you feel more comfortable and are ready to write a paper on a diversity of topics, teachers may well change your role from a writer to an editor. Meaning that you will have to interact with other participants of the course, check their essays, give them feedback, and so forth. The scheme of interchanging roles has proved to be an efficient one, improving your skills as a writer as well as a teacher. To wrap up, after completing the course, you will be able to: target your writing to your audience’s needs; think critically regardless of tasks you are given; make use of some programs to be more lucrative; unveil your creative potential; be industrious. As to the program per se, it is free if you don’t need a certificate of completion. Otherwise, you should pay $49 and get a certificate, which you can attach to your Curriculum Vitae if need be.

Secret Sauce of Great Writing

It goes without saying that every amazing cooker has his or her own secret recipe with enigmatic ingredients, spices, and sauces, which under no circumstances, can be revealed. The same goes for writing. When you are an ingenious writer, your unpredictable style, eloquent words, and the overall structure of your story hypnotize readers. In order to find this secret thing in your writing and develop it, making the most omnipresent feature of your style, the course, presented in the Udemy platform, provides you with a 42-minute video, divided into two sections, 15 lectures each. The course is entirely free and is conducted by Shani Raja, a former editor for the Wall Street Journal. This robust learning includes business compositions, personal blogs, poetry, prose, and whatsoever, so skills that will be obtained during the course, are various and will give you a clear picture of what you should focus on the most to write a readable and viral text. Besides, considering the fact that the instructor of the course is an ex-editor, he implemented some aspects that will serve you while editing your own work. It is vitally useful, especially before submitting the work to a publisher or editor. 

Essay Essentials: Improve Your Academic Writing

It is a bit different from what you have already seen above when it comes to academic writing. However, a proper academic style is essential in educational institutions, in publishing scholarly articles, et cetera. Academic writing has its roots back from high school, where students are obliged to write academic papers, relying on various academic sources. In a nutshell, academic writing incorporates dozens of aspects that should be met in order to make the paper written correctly. This course, also provided by Udemy, casts light on the greatest features that should be developed. You will learn methods that are useful for either high school or college or university level essay writing. The program is based on writing chores, quizzes, and a technique regarding how to use a school or online library to reach a correct source efficiently; how to revise your work, proofread, edit, and properly cite is also included in the source. A full downloadable guide is also available there so that you can access it whenever you want. The teacher is an English college professor Andrew Sippie who has been teaching students in traditional classrooms as well as online classes for ages. A certificate of completion will be a splendid perk of this free program, and may we a driving factor to take the course for those who might doubt. 

Writing With Impact

The purpose of the course made by LinkedIn Learning is to demonstrate to you what you have to concentrate on writing a paper for different audiences. The techniques aim to show you how to confine words in a proper way and what to forfeit if you have no time for demagoguery. The instructors of the course want you to feel the essence of the conveyed text, which means that you not only have to watch the grammar and sentence structure, but also you need to emphasize proper words, vocabulary, and methods of unique expression. Depending on your target audience, you will learn how to make either long or short sentences. You will be able to feel whether the listeners anticipate you to be emotional, ostentatious, or low-key.

Concisely, accurately, cohesively are the three paramount words for this program. The instructor of the lessons is a qualified professional Tom Geller, currently an employee of LinkedIn, a freelancer, who worked with clients from Apple, the San Francisco Chronicle, and other omnipresent enterprises. All in all, during and after finishing the course, you will get extra resources for self-developing, quizzes to challenge yourself, and of course, a certificate of completion. 

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