Sunday, May 19, 2024

38% of Americans say US doing too much to support Israel: Poll

Nearly four in 10 Americans have stated that the United States is doing too much to support Israel in the onslaught against the Gaza Strip.

An April 25 – 30 survey of 2,260 adults by US News Ipsos revealed that Americans are divided on the US’ Israel policies.

The survey revealed that 38% said the US was doing too much to support Israel, 20% saw too little US support for Israel and 40% said Washington’s backing is about right.

It showed that 37% trust former President Donald Trump more than President Joe Biden to handle the issue; 29% trust Biden more, an eight-point gap.

While 33% of respondents said they did not trust either, 1% did not express an opinion.

The survey was conducted with English and Spanish-speaking adults who were randomly selected from the internet at the national level.

Israel has killed more than 34,600 Palestinians since an Oct. 7 cross-border attack by Hamas in which less than 1,200 Israelis were killed and around 250 hostages taken.

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