Thursday, February 22, 2024

3 Persian leopards spotted at protected reserve in Iran’s Semnan

Three Persian leopards, from a rare and endangered species, have been spotted in a protected reserve in Aradan County of Iran’s Semnan Province.

An environmentalist activist on Saturday released footage of the three leopards walking in the mountainous areas of Aradan.

The good news came days after a male Persian leopard was found in critical condition in the mountain range north of the capital, Tehran.

The animal was transferred to a veterinary hospital, but it succumbed to the wounds, which were found to be old. Autopsy showed it had long been suffering from severe infection caused by the injuries.

The Persian Leopard, the largest of leopard subspecies, face a threat of extinction.

Persian leopards face a variety of dangers, even inside protected reserves. Housing developments, livestock farming, hunting and trapping all threaten their existence.

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