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Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem Is a Declaration of War: Iraq’s al-Sadr

Moving the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to al-Quds (Jerusalem) would be a declaration of war on Islam, influential Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said Tuesday.
Abbas Shirmohamadi photo

Trump Thanks Iranian Photographer for Inauguration Photo with Wrong Date!

While US President Donald Trump had thanked the Iranian photographer of a panoramic photo showing his inauguration day, the date written under the photo turned out to be January 21, the day of women’s anti-Trump demonstrations across the world.

ISIS to Trump: We’ll Come to Behead You!

By beheading a Donald Trump dummy, the teenage members of the ISIS terrorist group threatened the new US President with suicide attacks on the White House.

Donald Trump and the New World Order

German weekly magazine Der Spiegel says the inauguration of Donald Trump as the new US President heralds the arrival of a new world order.

Obama Gives $221m to Palestinians in Final Hours

The Obama administration sent $221 million to the Palestinian Authority on Friday, as President Obama prepared to leave the White House for the last time.
Betsy DeVos

Trump’s Education Pick Mocked for Her Grammatical Mistakes

US President Donald Trump's pick for Education secretary Betsy DeVos is coming under criticism on Twitter for a tweet that incorrectly used the word "historical."

Trump Returns Churchill Bust to Oval Office

A bust of Winston Churchill has been returned to the Oval Office, after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.
George Soros

Trump Is a Would-Be Dictator: American Billionaire

The American billionaire George Soros has called the US President a would-be-dictator who won’t be successful in realizing his goals in the world.

It’s ‘Inappropriate’ to Mention Possible US Embassy Move to Jerusalem: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday it would have been inappropriate to include in a communique from a meeting held in Paris on Israeli-Palestinian peace a mention of plans by the Trump administration to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Obama Has 9 Days Left to Destroy the World: Russian Spokeswoman

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova expressed her concern over the unpredictability of the Obama administration's actions on Facebook.

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