Yemen’s Houthi threatens to ban Saudi products

The Houthi movement in Yemen has threatened to ban Saudi Arabia’s products from entering northern Yemen. The warning comes in response to Riyadh’s boycott on Lebanese products over the remarks of an official in Beirut.

“If Saudi Arabia bans the products of Lebanon for the position taken by the Minister of Information George Kordahi, then I call on the (Houthi) Yemeni government to hold an emergency meeting to take a decision of banning Saudi products,” the al-Masirah TV cited a tweet by Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, the Houthi head of the revolutionary committee, as saying.

Saudi Arabia has recalled its ambassador to Lebanon, asked Lebanese ambassador in the kingdom to leave within 48 hours and banned Lebanese products as a protest to Kordahi’s remarks that described the Saudi-led coalition war on the Houthi militia in Yemen as “absurd.”

Other coalition countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait, also adopted similar measures.

Kordahi’s remarks were broadcasted earlier this week on an Arab media network. However, the Lebanese government said Kordahi’s remarks were made months before his appointment as the information minister.

The Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah has shown support to Kordahi’s remarks, according to Lebanese media.

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