Saturday, June 22, 2024

Yemen’s Houthis target cargo vessels, warships in Red Sea and Indian Ocean

Yemen's Houthi fighters have launched fresh attacks on Israeli and US-linked ships sailing in regional waters as part of a campaign to support Palestinians in their struggle against Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip.

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree said on Monday that five ships, including two US destoyers, had been hit in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean earlier in the day.

Two US and Israeli cargo ships, respectively identified as Larego Desert and the MSC Mechela, were hit in the Indian Ocean, stated Saree.

He added that another Israeli ship, identified as the Minerva Lisa, had come under attack by the Yemenis in the Red Sea because of violating a ban issued by the country on shipping to and from the Israeli-occupied ports.

The military spokesman added that Yemeni forces had also launched attacks on two US warships sailing in the Red Sea.

“… the Air Force carried out two specific operations (and) targeted two American military destroyers in the Red Sea, and the operations have successfully achieved their goals,” said the spokesman in a statement, but did not name the destroyers.

Yemen started targeting Israeli-linked ships in November last year, a month after the regime launched a brutal invasion on Gaza.

More than 36,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed in Israel’s aerial and ground bombardments on the Palestinian territory.

Attacks by Yemen later expanded to cover ships linked to the United States and Britain after the two launched airstrikes on the Arab country to force it to halt its anti-Israeli operations.

Yemenis have insisted that maritime operations and drone and missile attacks on Israeli-occupied ports will continue until the regime completely stops its attacks on Gaza.

Yemeni attacks are part of a larger campaign by resistance groups in Arab countries to attack the interests of Israel and the US in the region to force an end to the invasion of Gaza.

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