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Why You Should Upgrade Your Website by Using Kubernetes

Nowadays, websites are an essential asset to any business. Some enterprises use them for marketing their services, showing off their products (as in an e-commerce store), communicating with people, and showing off their expertise and skills.

For this reason, you have to ensure that your website is adaptable to change since the digital world keeps improving each day.

Nevertheless, how should you upgrade your website or eCommerce store?

That is what we will try to answer in this article. Hence, read until the end.

How you can upgrade your website

Fundamentally, there are various webmaster tricks to improve your website. You could:

● Change its appearance to enhance trust and user experience
● Write new and fresh content to effectively reach the target audience
● Enhance the website layout in terms of menus and how you offer information and data
● Improve the site’s graphics
● Build an application for a personalized user experience

All these are ways that could help you come up with a better website that users will love. Remember that such improvement is a suitable public relations tool. If a user enjoys using your website, the chance of introducing it to some of their friends is very high.

If your website is getting high traffic

Enterprises that depend on their website will do everything to invest in its growth. In due course, you should notice that it should begin to grow if what you are offering is what most people want.

Therefore, the next level is to figure out how you will handle the vast number of people who want to use your site or app at the same time. In this case, the best solution is to develop a system that can do that without having any delay in loading.

You can achieve this by using a Kubernetes platform for enterprise uses.

What exactly is Kubernetes?

For you to understand this concept, you must first understand its origin. Significant websites and e-commerce platforms depend on different servers.

Websites cannot function with one monolithic server since they are not able to handle operations and requests in a balanced way. Additionally, one server may not have the capability to divide the resources well among transactions.

Because of such issues, distributing each process to different servers and then containerizing each application would be the best solution. Beneath it, they had to add Kubernetes, which operates on behalf of the operating system.

We can, therefore, define Kubernetes as an open-source platform, which helps in deployment, management, and scaling.

The benefits of using Kubernetes

Generally, if you decide to use this concept on your website, you should start experiencing some benefits. They include:

● Kubernetes helps run several containers at the same time. It gives each cluster a declarative state, which will remain that way unless you change the command. You minimize human error by doing this.
● It is portable. This means that it can run on any cloud or hardware infrastructure.
● It can divide codes into small sections known as services. You can deploy each code, which becomes independent to run on different containers.
● If you hate downtime, then you can depend on Kubernetes. It does not have any downtime.
● Kubernetes can restart any failing containers, or destroy and recreate new ones. The process is also known as self-healing.
● Since an application may need more servers to operate at the same time, then you will need a resource that can help to scale the number of containers required to satisfy the need at hand. Hence, Kubernetes can solve this problem at an instance.

By the way, Kubernetes is open-source software. Therefore, there is a massive chance that it will continue to grow and become better with time.

Final remarks

As you develop a website, it is always essential to put yourself in your client’s shoes. What do you want them to experience when they come to your website? Most of you will wish to give the best. Then, it is up to you to ensure that you use the best solution to enhance this.

If your website has massive traffic, it will need high bandwidth. The best way to handle that without decreasing loading speeds for each user is by using Kubernetes.

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