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What Good Can Comments Do for Your Social Media Account?

Communication among people is essential to the keeping the world turning. Having people talking amongst each other is one of the most natural things that we can do. In addition to this, it is one of the things that has crossed over into the online world where communication is a key part of how it works.

Nowhere is this more evident than in social media. People will even buy real Instagram comments just to keep up with the need for communication.

Social media is a great way to get in touch with people all around the world. They can be people you have known all your life or people you have only ever met online. Social media also offers its users the opportunity to communicate with real-life celebrities, removing the distance that exists between celebrities and fans in the real world. With so many celebrities regularly taking to social media, being able to interact with them is easier than ever before. Getting comments from celebrities can be a major boost for your profile but even if you don’t get them, any comments you do get can prove to be useful. Why is this?

What are comments?

Comments are an essential part of interaction for your social media profile because they offer other users the opportunity to engage directly with you. The type of comments that you might receive can be quite varied. They can range from complimentary and congratulatory to friendly or inquisitive all the way to critical or antagonistic. While these latter types of comments may not be ideal, it is important to give them as much attention as the rest of them. This is because every comment, regardless of its content or origin, represents someone taking the time to put their thoughts into writing and send it to you. Comments are not like views or likes; they take a considerable amount of added effort and time. Because of this, it is crucial that you respond to them. This shows other social media users that you are happy to address people’s concerns and engage with them when they make the effort to get in touch. This works wonders for the wider perception of your profile and will give your brand a boost.

Why do you need comments?

The big selling point for comments is that they provide social media profiles with a substantial amount of interaction. Unlike views and likes, which only offer one specific type of engagement, comments serve as a social media feature that increases interaction in various ways. Comments count as one form of interaction but they also tend to attract more views and likes and, if the comment is particularly interesting, they can also encourage other users to add comments in response. With comments, the potential for further interaction multiplies. In addition to this, comments can also be used to tag other users. This means that a comment is posted containing the name of another social media user. That user is notified and taken to the comment and the post in question, resulting in more views and the potential for more likes and comments. Views and likes simply don’t provide these opportunities, highlighting exactly why you need comments for your profile.

What can I do to get more comments?

There are several approaches that can be used to encourage further comments for your profile. The use of hashtags is one of the most popular choices as it helps categorise your post and bring it to the attention of other users who might be interested in it. Another strategy that gets success is running a competition where users who want to enter must respond with a comment. In a similar vein, posting a question and asking for users to post their replies in a comment can also prove effective in generating more comments for your profile. However, with all this said, these approaches only help to encourage comments, there is no guarantee that they will deliver the amount of comments you feel you deserve. If you are looking for guaranteed comments, the only way to do this is to pay for them.

What to do if I’m paying for comments?

There are plenty of options out there for those who are considering paying for comments on social media. It is important to remember that if you pay for them, you can control, to some extent, the way that they reach your profile. As comments tend to generate further interaction in one form or another, it is recommended that you add just one to start with and then wait to see what the response is. If you feel that it is not working, you can add another. However, it is not recommended that you add too many. You want to encourage more interaction but too many comments might become a distraction when people look to read through them. Getting comments that are provocative or that encourage debate are a great way to generate more engagement while having users tagged in these comments is another good approach.

What to take away from all this?

In conclusion, comments fulfil two beneficial functions for social media users. First of all, comments give them the chance to interact with other users and develop a rapport between them. This is always useful if you are looking to raise your own profile. Secondly, comments provide your account with much-needed interaction and have the potential to generate even more, depending on its content. For these reasons alone, you should be focused on getting as many comments as possible.

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