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What are the modes of transportation in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the cities of the United Arab Emirates which is one of the most popular cities in the world. Every year, many tourists, travel to this city and spend their time and money with the best entertainment. Saadatrent as one of the leaders of car rental services in here to help you about the different modes of transportation in this city. we provide you with complete information about the transportation of Dubai.

Transportation in Dubai

In Dubai, due to its popularity with tourists from all over the world, extensive and convenient public transportation has been provided throughout the city. there are plenty of options you can use for your transportation in this city; from cheapest car rental in Dubai, to monorails and water buses and subways.
In the continue, we are going to talk about the different modes of transportation in Dubai and their advantages and disadvantages.

Car rental services in Dubai

Car rental services in Dubai are the most popular transportation services in this city. you can rent a car with an affordable price and travel on your own. There are many local and international car rental companies in this city that you can choose. The terms and conditions for renting car is easy. Saadatrent offers the best services at the lowest cost and 24/7 customer support. You can easily book your car online and pick up your desired vehicle when you arrive to this city.

Taxis in Dubai

The taxi system in Dubai is very extensive and almost any land route can be reached by Dubai taxis. Taxis in Dubai fall into two categories: first, public or government taxis with cream-colored bodies and car roofs of different colors (for example, pink roofs for women) and second, private taxis.

cheapest car rental in Dubai

The most common way to find private taxis is to use Uber, Karim and Dubai Taxi software. Government-supervised taxis use taximeters and include high fares. In general, taxis in Dubai cost more than other modes of public transportation.


It is one of the best, fastest and cheapest ways is Dubai Metro, which has a very high quality, is very clean and comfortable. You can use the subway to go to Dubai’s famous shopping malls such as Emirates Mall, Dubai Mall, Burjaman Mall and also Dubai Mall because it has a station on all these routes and you will reach your destination quickly. The cost of a subway ticket was different and varied from 1.80 to 80.5 dirhams for each trip, depending on the number of trips. You can also travel to Dubai for one day by paying 14 dirhams.

Buses in Dubai

Buses are one of the most popular vehicles in the world and are used in many cities. Dubai is no exception, and buses are both one of the most practical public transportations in Dubai and one of the most cost-effective one. Dubai owns a large fleet of buses with more than 1,500 buses in 4 different types, which cover 82% of Dubai’s urban environment.

Buses in Dubai

More precisely, this 82% of the urban environment includes 119 domestic lines, of which 35 lines end at metro stations, 12 lines end in other cities of the country (UAE), and 8 lines have special and high-speed lines. In Dubai, more than 369,000 people use public buses daily to travel around the city. The cost of the bus is the same as the cost of Dubai subways and varies between 3 and 15 dirhams.

Abras Taxis

Abras are traditional wooden, motor boats that connect Dubai and Deira via the Dubai Estuary in two ways:
Route 1: Deira Old Souq Abra Station to Deira Old Bazaar Station; Departure time every day between 5 am and midnight
Route 2: Deira Old Bazaar Station to Al-Sabkha District.
These taxis cost one dirham per person. There is also a newer and more modern air-conditioned bus (at a cost of 50 dirhams) that runs between 10am and 10pm on the Dubai Creek.


A train-like vehicle traveling at a high speed on a specific route was the driverless transport that connects the Palm Jumeirah to Dubai Marina. Gateway Tower and Aqua Park. This 45.5 km route takes about 5 minutes.

Monorail in Dubai

Water buses

These buses, which are moving on the surface of the water, are operating in 4 different directions and pass-through Dubai itself and are working daily from 6 am to 11 pm.

Dubai Tram

Trams are the best means of public transportation in Dubai for those staying around Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach and Burj Al Arab. Many tram stations and even the Palm Monorail can be reached by tram. Free Wi-Fi is available on the Dubai Tram, and women and children can also take the private sections of the tram. Tram fare is between 3 and 4 UAE dirhams.

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