Sunday, September 25, 2022

We’ll Celebrate ISIS Destruction in 2 Months: General Soleimani

A top Iranian commander says Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia will soon celebrate the destruction of the ISIS terrorist group.

Major General Qassem Soleimani, the Commander of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corp (IRGC), says the ISIS terror group will be annihilated in a matter of months.

“I … already said we will root out ISIS in three months’ time, and I’m telling you now that the annihilation of ISIS is close at hand and we will celebrate the destruction of this evil tree in two months, and it is Iran, Russia, Syria, and Iraq that should hold that celebration,” said the top general, according to a Farsi report by Fars News Agency.

He then said the reason why enemies do not dare attack Iran is that the country had a successful experience in countering the enemy during the eight-year Iraqi imposed war on Iran in the 1980s and is also successful in fighting militants in Iraq and Syria today.

“The enemies tried to create the impression that this is a Shiite-Sunni war, but today there is more kindness between Shiites and Sunnis than ever before,” the top general said.

He then referred to those who have come to Syria to defend holy shrines against enemies.

“Today, all those who have come from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to defend holy shrines have come voluntarily.”

He said the driving force behind young Iranians going to Syria and Iraq is conscience as well as humanity.

“When insightful, faithful and revolutionary Iranian youth see that the oppressed people in cities in Syria and Iraq are besieged by ruthless people, they make sacrifices.”

General Soleimani underlined that in some cases “diplomacy won’t work,” adding there is no way to deal with terrorists in the region but to fight them.

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