US seeking to target Iran through media dictatorship: President Raisi’s wife

Jamileh Alamolhoda, the wife of the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, has said the United States is trying to target Iran through media dictatorship. She made the remarks to the Venezuela-based television network Telesur in an interview.

Alamolhoda has been accompanying President Raisi on a three-nation tour of Latin America, which has taken the chief executive to Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

“It is worth remembering that the United States, itself, supported a dictatorship for many years in Iran,” she said, referring to decades of patronage provided by Washington to the Pahlavi regime, which used to rule the country for decades until the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979.

“The same story repeats itself: Those who protected and defended that dictatorship, they do the same now, through media dictatorship,” Alamolhoda added.

Citing an example of the US’s hostile media maneuvers against the Islamic Republic, she pointed to the American media campaign that tried to hijack the death of Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman who died of a heart attack while in police custody in Tehran last September.

Alamolhoda defined the smear campaign that was launched by the American media outlets following the 22-year-old’s death as “organized violence through the media.”

“The media took advantage of this case and used it against our people, country, system, leaders, and Revolution,” she said.

“You know that the source of all this media bombardment is the United States,” she noted, adding, “All that media uproar was fabricated.”

The Iranian first lady, however, considered Iran to be a country boasting a 15,000-year-old civilization that was successfully resisting the US’s aggressive efforts, stating, “That is why we Iranians laugh at the futile efforts of the Americans.”

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