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Trump Says US Might Raise Legal Vaping Age to 21

The US President, Donald Trump, has said that his administration intends to increase the legal vaping age to 21 or so. However, the president has also suggested that his administration will back off the plans to ban all flavored e-cigarettes.

Trump said that his administration intends to come out with a crucial position on how people vape. The president notes that the administration has a responsibility to take care of the kids. And for this reason, he intends to limit the vaping age to 21 or so. Trump said that they intend to come out with something important soon.

Currently, the FDA is not authorized to increase the legal smoking age. Therefore, it’s unclear how the president intends to pursue the policy.


Some Local and State Government Already Raised Smoking Age

With the number of people searching for the best box mods ( increasing, several local and state governments have raised the smoking age to 21 already. And, this policy has the support of the tobacco industry. Federal bills have already been filled by multiple lawmakers. The Majority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, is an example of such lawmakers.

Last September, the top health officials, and President Trump announced that the administration is preparing to ban all flavored e-cigarettes. The president’s comments suggest that his administration intends to back off the plans despite the intense pressure coming from the advocates of vaping.

People that advocate for vaping argue that flavors are meant to help adults quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Therefore, removing characters can lead to the closure of many vape shops in the country.

This announcement comes at a time when people have rising concern levels regarding youth vaping, as well as the outbreak of vaping-related lung injuries. The administration has been under pressure from health organizations to ban flavored e-cigarettes. These are particularly popular among the youths.

When Trump was asked whether his administration would step back from the restriction of flavors, he said that the current debate is about the vaping age, flavors, and keeping people at work.

The Current Age Limit

Currently, the legal age at which a person can buy the best vape mods in the U.S is 18 years. However, there have been moves to change the legal age at which a person can buy tobacco products. The president did not provide specifics regarding the products for which the new legal age limit will apply.

Currently, states and cities like Oregon, California, Massachusetts, and Virginia limit tobacco products’ sales to persons aged 21 years and above. That means people in such places can’t buy vape mods unless they are 21 years old and above.

Diana DeGette, a Democratic Rep., introduced the Tobacco to 21 Act. This act prohibited tobacco products’ sale to persons under the age of 21. The Tobacco-Free Youth Act introduced by the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, would increase the legal age at which tobacco products would be sold to a person to 21 years.

Some manufacturers of vaping products have supported the Tobacco 21 policy by the federal government.

Fruity Flavors Still Common among the Teens

The use of tobacco is one of the major causes of preventable diseases, deaths, and disability in the U.S. But, almost 40 million adults smoke cigarettes. However, some of these smokers may be interested in switching from smoking to vaping as a way to end the habit. Nevertheless, the FDA has not approved e-cigarettes as tools that aid smokers quit.

Some people argue that increasing the legal age for vaping to 21 would decrease the use of tobacco by up to 12% by the time when teenagers become adults. It can also reduce smoking-related deaths by 10%. It can also prevent up to 223,000 deaths among individuals born from 2000 to 2019 nationwide.

However, vaping remains popular among teens and youths. Today, owning and using the best vape mod is seen as something cool by the youth. Health officials have castigated manufacturers and marketers of vaping products for targeting the youth and teens.

Research has shown that 10.5% of students in middle school and 27.5% of those in high school use e-cigarettes. This research estimated 5.3 million middle school and high school students that admit to using e-cigarettes. 2.4 million of these students realized that they use flavored e-cigarettes.

The fruity flavor was the most used type of vaping product. That’s because 67.7% of middle school students and 66.1% of high school students used it. Mint or menthol flavor followed it at 31.1% and 57.3% for middle school and high school, respectively.

Avoiding Health Risks

Young people are using the best vape mod for clouds without knowing the health risks they are exposing themselves to. When vaping, a person uses a battery-powered device to heat a liquid and inhale the produced vapor. This vapor can contain flavoring, nicotine, and other chemicals. Some e-liquid can contain harsh oils and other substances.

These substances can pose avoidable, serious health risks even when a person uses the best box mod vape to heat and inhale them. But, nicotine exposure to teenagers can lead to future addiction. It can also hurt the brain development of teens.

This vapor may also have tiny particles that can hurt the health of a person once inhaled. And, vaping can be a gateway to traditional smoking. That’s because it can lead to nicotine addiction. As such, when a person lacks a vaping device, they may opt to smoke a traditional cigarette to deal with the craving.

The Bottom Line

Teens are attracted to marketable flavorings and the technology brought by vaping devices. It’s, therefore, not surprising that every teen wants to have the best box mod. Unfortunately, many young people don’t know the health risks that vaping is exposing them to. On the other hand, manufacturers and marketers of vaping devices are increasing their efforts.

Some are even targeting youths with their products. The best mods in the market at the moment are quite appealing to the child. Therefore, the best way to save the young population from the possible adverse effects of vaping on human health is regulating the use of vapes. Thus, the move by Trump’s administration to increase the legal vaping age to 21 might be welcomed by most people.


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