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Things of Attraction at Cortland: The Crown City

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Cortland is the crown city of New York because it is on the plain that is formed by overlapping of seven valleys. It is situated very high from the sea-level therefore it crowns the states. It is a historical landmark and has many stories related to it.

Cortland’s nearby attractions:
  • Visit the Homeville museum: People who visit here are eager to know about the collections and the stories behind it. It is a crowded place and the busiest days of museum are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. 2 to 3 hours is enough for this place.
  • A trip to Yaman Park: The look of the park is imperial. If you are a peace loving person and want to relax then this is the best place for you. There is a small pond and a swimming beach so if you want you can take a dip. It can be a fun place for the whole family as there are grills, a boat ramp, a skateboard etc.
  • Musical park: This place is the music spot of the country. It is the Hall of fame of New York. Foods and drinks are also available here at affordable prices. It is the place for the lovers of music.
  • Repertory theatre: Many people do love theater and appreciate the dedication of the artists. Cortland’s Repertory theatre is the perfect place of entertainment for individuals, couples or the whole family.
  • Global heart healing centre: It is the best place for heart, mental and physical health. Different services available here are massage, Counseling, Heart related and Chiropractic care.
  • A bite at Pita Gourmet: The décor of this restaurant is elegant. It provides lunch and dinner only. Different cuisine is available at this restaurant like Greek, Lebanese, Middle Eastern etc. It has been awarded an elegance certificate in the past.
  • Hike to Heiberg Memorial Forest: It is situated at Truxton hills and is owned by State University for experimentation and outdoor classes. If you are going to do loop trail then be careful because there are unmarked trails, unplowed roads and a fire lane of 20 miles.
  • Miniature golf course: It is a place for fun as you can play the game whether you have the ability or not. The staff is very friendly and this course is available at an affordable price. This area is rarely crowded so you can enjoy the game without being disturbed.
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