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The presence of women and the youth heralds profound changes in Iran’s economy

The business atmosphere in Iran has gradually become more welcoming to women, said Fatemeh Moghimi.

Fatemeh Moghimi, a member of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, came in fourth in the latest election to pick members of the chamber.

She became the first woman to secure a seat in the chamber in its sixth election. Earlier this year she was reelected for a third term. Moghimi is the first Iranian woman to have registered an international transport company in her name.

Some figures suggest that she is among the 30 richest Iranians, but she disputes the accuracy of such information, citing the fact that all people on the rich lists are members of the chamber of commerce.

What appears next is a partial translation of a report Haft-e Sobh daily published on March 11 about what this accomplished Iranian woman had to say after the Chamber of Commerce vote results came out:

As for the presence of some new faces in the make-up of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, she said, “I am ever so glad that a difference in approach and methods has emerged in this round of the vote. It reflects the fact that a breath of fresh air has been injected into Iran’s economy. Any change takes time and one should bear in mind that we should make the most of the experience of veteran economists who, for any reason, have failed to win a seat in this vote.”

When asked what changes the new composition might introduce, she said, “In my opinion, this election heralds an economic transformation down the road. There has been a tendency to give the youth an opportunity to prove themselves on different fronts throughout the world. Iran has now started to follow suit.

There are a lot of young people on the list of those elected in the recent vote. It shows that a scientific and academic approach to economy is being adopted. Many of them are educated in Iran and have degrees in subjects associated with economics. This trend shows that in the years to come, a new economic approach which is in line with the latest science will prevail in the business sector of Iran.

I believe that the experience of seasoned economics must be used and formation of a shadow economic cabinet made up of private players is highly beneficial.”


The business atmosphere in Iran has gradually become more welcoming to women. In recent years, women have undertaken more responsibilities in the economic sector.

On the growing presence of women in chambers of commerce and in the business sector at large, Moghimi said, “In the sixth vote for Tehran Chamber of Commerce, I was the only woman elected; in the seventh, though, the number of women elected stood at three. This year, three women have found their way to Tehran’s chamber. Although the final figures of all women elected to chambers of commerce across Iran have yet to be released, I am very hopeful that the total number goes beyond that of the previous election which stood at nine. It will indicate that the presence of women in the business sector has been fruitful and Iran’s economic sector has developed more trust in women than before.”


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