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Tehran: Israeli attacks on Gaza hospitals show regime’s barbaric nature

Iran says Israel’s attacks on hospitals in Gaza indicate the regime’s savage nature.

“After Israeli officials failed to prove their false claims about the al-Shifa hospital, the regime’s military resumed its strikes on other hospitals in Gaza,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani.

Israel claims Palestinian group Hamas, which runs Gaza, uses the al-Shifa hospital as a command center for military purposes. Palestinians have denied the claim.

“Attacks on the Jordan and Indonesia hospitals were yet another manifestation of the regime’s aggressive and barbaric nature,” the spokesman added.

“Attacking hospitals runs counter to all principles of human rights, international law and the Geneva Conventions, and reveals the criminal nature of this regime before the whole world even more,” the spokesman explained.

Out of the 35 hospitals in Gaza, 26 have shut down due to damage from bombardment or a lack of fuel, according to a report published by the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health in Ramallah on Friday, citing medical sources from the Hamas-controlled enclave.

Of the 72 primary health care clinics, 52 have also been forced to close, it added.

More than 40 patients, including four premature babies, have died at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Gaza’s largest hospital, in the last six days, according to the health ministry.

Most of the intensive care unit patients, who were on ventilators due to the lack of fuel and oxygen at the al-Shifa hospital, have died, the doctor who leads the burns department at the hospital told Al-Jazeera over the phone from inside the facility on Friday.

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