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Pahlevani Sport

Athletes join Locho wrestling completion in Iran’s Mazandaran

Athletes in Iran’s northern province of Mazandarean have joined a competition of Locho wrestling, a traditional field of Pahlavani sports practiced in the region.

Traditional ‘Locho’ Wrestling Contest Held in Mazandaran

Locho wrestling is a traditional field of Pahlavani sports practiced in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran.

Iranian Woman Receives Badge of Pahlevani

An Iranian woman has for the first time received the badge of Pahlavani, a traditional sport originally used to train warriors in ancient Iran.

Why Wrestling Is Most Respected Iranian Sport

Wrestling in Iran is something beyond sports. Wrestlers in Iran are role models in humility, morality, and manhood. They feel responsible for solving quarrels and helping people stand against injustice.

Azerbaijan Corrects Mistake about Origin of Zurkhaneh Sport

The official website of Baku 2017 Islamic Games had wrongly referred to Azerbaijan Republic as the origin of Iran’s ancient Zurkhaneh sport, but it later corrected the mistake.

Sadeqzadeh Named New ‘Pahlavan’ of Iran

Iranian wrestler Jaber Sadeqzadeh was crowned the title ‘Pahlavan [champion] of Iran’ thanks to his outstanding performance at the National Senior Pahlavani Wrestling Championship.

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