Ilam Province

The season of tulips in western Iran

The period between mid-March and mid-May is the perfect season for the growth of tulips, which emerge from the soil on the snow-bearing and rain-producing mountains of Iran’s western Ilam province.

Flooding kills one in western Iran; heavy rainfalls expected in many cities

One person has lost her life in flooding, caused by heavy downpours of rain, in Iran’s western province of Ilam.

Hottest spot on world: Electricity meters melted in western in Iran

Extremely hot weather on Sunday sent 50 people to hospital in the city of Dehloran in Iran's western province of Ilam, while another provincial city was registered as the hottest spot on the world.

Death toll from recent hostage crisis in W Iran reaches six

The death toll from a recent hostage drama in Iran’s western city of Ilam has reached six, as one of the individuals injured in the incident succumbs to his wounds.

Suspect kills three, self in hostage standoff in Iran’s west

A man who had taken a number of people hostage at a government building in Iran’s western Ilam City has killed three people and himself, ending the standoff, which also saw at least seven people wounded.

Vali Castle in Western Iran, Iconic Symbol of Indigenous Culture

The Vali Castle is a major tourist attraction in Iran’s western province of Ilam as the site has turned into a museum since a decade ago.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Beautiful Nature of Ilam

Ilam province in southwestern Iran is an area full of tourist attractions due to its beautiful nature and pleasant weather.

Kafari Strait; Must-See Tourist Site in Western Iran

Kafari Strait is an extremely gorgeous region in Iran’s western province of Ilam with a long history that dates back to 3,000 BCE.

1,200-Year-Old Relics Discovered in Iran’s Ilam Province

Dozens of historical objects dating back to 1,200 years ago have been discovered in the village of Sarab-e Kalan in Ilam province, western Iran, during archaeological excavations, officials say.

Ancient Castle in Western Iran Boasts Fabulous Architecture

The Mirgholam Hashemi castle is one of the ancient castles located in western Iran, dating back to more than a century ago.

Pourashraf Castle: A Fantastic Ancient Monument in Western Iran

The historical Pourashraf Castle is the jewel of a mansion nestled in an idyllic village in western Iran.

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