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Russia, China navies hold joint patrol in Pacific

Russian and Chinese warships have conducted the first ever joint patrol in the western part of the Pacific Ocean, Moscow and Beijing confirm.

China says no compromising on Taiwan

Beijing has announced Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory and that Taiwan-related issues are purely China's internal affairs. The comment by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson comes in response to US President Joe Biden’s remark over quote defending Taiwan against Beijing.

US says committed to one China policy, promises help for Taiwan

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has reiterated Washington’s pledge to help Taiwan strengthen its defense, but says Washington remains committed to One China policy.

Biden says concerned about China hypersonic missile test

US President Joe Biden has expressed concern about a possible Chinese hypersonic missile test. China has refuted a recent report over a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile test. Beijing announced it was a “routine test” for reusable space rocket technology.

Gas explosion rips through Chinese city

At least four people were killed and 47 others wounded in a powerful gas explosion in the Chinese northeastern city of Shenyang on Thursday. The incident reduced nearby buildings to rubble.

China demands US explanation about nuclear sub accident

China has expressed concern about a collision between a nuclear submarine belonging to the United States Navy and an "unknown object" in the South China Sea. Beijing has once again stressed Washington is obligated to explain the incident in detail.

Taliban’s acting FM to hold talks with Chinese counterpart

China has promised to organize a meeting between Taliban’s acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi and Wang Yi, top Chinese diplomat. The date and venue of the meeting is yet to be announced.

China rejects FT report about ‘hypersonic missile test’

Beijing has refuted a recent report by The Financial Times which says China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August. China says it was a "routine test" for reusable space rocket technology.

NATO chief raises the alarm over ‘Rise of China’

NATO secretary-general says countering ‘the security threats’ from the rise of China will be an important part of the alliance’s future rationale. Jens Stoltenberg has predicted Beijing rising will impact NATO’s security.

China: US, Canada threatening peace and stability in Taiwan Strait

The Chinese military has lashed out at the United States and Canada for sending warships through the Taiwan Strait. Beijing says the North American nations were threatening peace and stability in the region.