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Blood and Organ Donation

Brain dead Iranian girl gives life to four patients

Organs from a brain-dead 19-year-old Iranian girl have been donated to four patients in the northeastern city of Mashhad.

Iranian doctor holds record in obtaining consent of families to organ donation

An Iranian doctor has so far gained the consent of 1500 families to organ donation.

Trees Named after Blood Donors in Iran’s Mashhad

In order to encourage people to donate blood amid the coronavirus pandemic, a campaign has been launched in Iran’s holy city of Mashhad to put the name of blood donors on trees during the holy month of Ramadan.

Blood Donation Cuts Odds of Contracting Diseases

Donating blood is not only beneficial for the receiver, but can contribute to the donor’s health, too, as studies show a regular blood donor is less prone to contracting lung, colon, stomach, liver and larynx cancers.

Iranian Experts Make Heart Valves for Treatment of Acute Defects

Researchers at a knowledge-based company have produced heart valves that can be used for a wide range of acute congenital problems, valve diseases and vascular reconstruction.

Brain-Dead Woman’s Organs Save Five Lives

The donation of a brain-dead woman’s organs in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad have saved the lives of at least five patients in critical conditions.

Iran Ready to Host Int’l Event to Mark World Blood Donor Day

In a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO), Iran Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) has voiced its preparedness to host an international event to mark World Blood Donor Day in 2019.

Retired Teacher’s Body Organs Donated after his Brain Death

The family of a 64-year-old retired teacher gave their consent to transplant his body organs after his brain death in southwestern Iran.

Iranian People Giving Consent for Organ Donation in Record-Breaking Numbers

The record of enrolment for post-mortem organ donation cards was broken after the director of Iranian Association of Organ Donation participated in a popular TV show.

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