Friday, March 24, 2023


Pentagon says US contractor killed, 5 service members injured in Syria drone attack

An American contractor was killed in northeast Syria on Thursday after a suspected Iranian-origin drone struck a facility on a US-led Coalition base near Hasakah, the Pentagon announced.

Saudi Arabia and Syria ‘agree to reopen embassies’ after Tehran-Riyadh detente

Saudi Arabia and Syria have agreed to reopen their embassies after an 11-year freeze in diplomatic relations. The move comes following the Iran-Saudi agreement to restore relations.

Syria says Israel launched missile attack on Aleppo airport for second time in weeks

An Israeli air raid has hit Syria’s Aleppo airport causing some “material damage” in the second strike on the facility this month, the Syrian defence ministry has confirmed.

Saudi Arabia to reopen consulate in Syria after years of closure

Amid rapprochement between several Arab states and Syria, reports suggest that Saudi Arabia will reopen its consulate in Syria's capital Damascus, soon.

UAE calls for end to Syria war after Assad visit

A diplomatic adviser to the UAE’s president has called for an end to the war in Syria amid rapprochement between the Arab states and Damascus.

Moscow says US planning to use terrorists in Syria to kidnap Russian, Iranian forces

The US continues to use militants under its control to undermine Syrian President Bashar Assad, Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin has said. He added Washington is planning to hire terrorists to kidnap Russian and Iranian servicemen there.

Putin and Assad hold meeting in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Syrian counterpart, Bashar al-Assad, held talks in Moscow. The leaders have exchanged views on a broad range of bilateral and international issues.

Syrian president lands in Moscow to meet Putin

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad arrived in Moscow on Tuesday for talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Israel targets western Syria, casualties reported

The Israeli army has carried out a missile attack on Syria's northwestern province of Hama, injuring several people and causing damage.

Tunisia to revive diplomatic relations with Syria

Tunisian President Kais Saied says he has decided to restore diplomatic ties with Syria which were cut off almost a decade ago.

China accuses US of “indiscriminate attacks” resulting in civilian deaths in Syria

The “illegal” US military occupation of Syria has only deepened the country’s humanitarian crisis, China has warned, slamming American lawmakers after they voted to continue troop deployments.

UN confirms Israeli air raids on Aleppo airport impede life-saving aid

Israeli strikes on Syria’s Aleppo airport are impeding the delivery of life-saving humanitarian aid to earthquake victims, the United Nations has announced.

US Congress rejects Syria troops withdrawal

US lawmakers have voted down a bill seeking to withdraw all American troops from Syria, opting to continue the years-long military occupation despite repeated objections from Damascus.

Israeli attack puts Aleppo airport out of service in Syria

Israel has launched an airstrike on Syria’s Aleppo airport, damaging its runway and taking it out of service, according to Syrian state media.

Damascus says top US general visit “illegal” and “flagrant violation” of Syria’s sovereignty

Damascus has condemned a recent visit by top US military officer General Mark Milley to northeast Syria, saying the move is “illegal” and a "flagrant violation" of the country's sovereignty.

Syrian president meets senior Arab lawmakers in Damascus

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has met with a delegation from the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, which is in Damascus to discuss restoration of Syria’s membership in the Arab League after more than a decade of suspension from the bloc.

Arab parliament speakers arrive in Syria

A number of Arab parliament speakers and senior legislators landed in Damascus on Sunday in a surprise visit. It comes amid attempts by certain countries to bring Syria back to the Arab League more than a decade after it was suspended from the bloc.

Death toll from Turkey, Syria quakes tops 50k

The death toll from the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has surpassed 50,000, according to the latest figures from both countries.

Syrian president visits Oman, first since war

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has visited Oman and met with Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said on Monday. This is his first official trip to the Persian Gulf country in more than a decade of war at home.

Syria calls for urgent action to stop Israeli deadly raids

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned an Israeli air strike on Damascus that, besides inflicting heavy damage to residential areas, killed at least five people, injuring more than a dozen. Damascus has called for “urgent international action” to stop the Israeli attacks.

Saudi Arabia says Arab nations need new approach towards Syria

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says consensus is building in the Arab world that isolating Syria is not working and that dialogue with Damascus is needed "at some point" to at least address humanitarian issues, including a return of refugees.

Several killed, injured in Israeli raids on Syria

At least five people have been killed, 15 wounded and several residential buildings were damaged in Israeli airstrikes on the Syrian capital Damascus, Syrian state media reported.

Dozens killed in Daesh attack in Syria’s Homs: State media

Syrian state media outlets reported as many as 53 people, included 46 civilians and seven soldiers, have been killed in an ambush carried out by the Daesh terrorist group near a central Syrian city.

Turkey-Syria earthquake live updates: Death toll tops 46,000

Search operation continues for the possible survivors in quake-hit southeast Turkey and northern Syria. At least 45,000 people have been killed and tens of thousands injured after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey and Syria.

Turkey-Syria earthquake live updates: Death toll nears 44,000

Search operation continues for the possible survivors in quake-hit southeast Turkey and northern Syria. At least 43,000 people have been killed and tens of thousands injured after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey and Syria.

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