Syria-Turkey normalization impossible until Ankara pulls out troops: Top diplomat

Turkey has to withdraw its military forces from the Syrian Arab Republic or else it will decimate all efforts towards any kind of relations, Syrian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Bassam Sabbagh has stressed.

“Turkey has to withdraw its military forces,” Sabbagh told Sputnik.

“Any other aspects, yes, of course, we will be open to discuss with them, but not to do so and to insist on staying – that’s illegal occupation and then this will block all the efforts toward any kind of contacts and relations with Turkiye,” he added.

The United Nations Security Council is not mirroring the geopolitical composition of today’s world – the developing countries need to also have a representation within it, Sabbagh continued.

“The issue of the reform of the Security Council was also mentioned widely in the speeches of the leaders and I think this is very important because the realities of today’s international relations are not reflected correctly in the Security Council,” Sabbagh said.

“We need to see this expansion of the Security Council so in a way, which is reflecting today’s reality, and too, for the developing countries to have an important role in that.”

The speeches from developing countries during the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly have demonstrated that the majority of them are getting tired of the Western hegemony, Bassam Sabbagh added.

“This year of the General Assembly was very important because we noticed from the speeches of the leaders, that most of the developing countries are tired from the Western hegemony,” Sabbagh added.

“The developing countries now are looking for a multipolar leadership. This polarization by the Americans is not accepted anymore.”

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