Shiite Volunteer Forces Roll Up Sleeves to Rebuild Liberated Christian Towns


After the liberation of ISIS-held Christian towns by the Iraqi army and popular forces, Shiite volunteers are now helping Christians restore their churches and rebuild their devastated towns.

According to a report by News Rescue, as covered by IQNA, Shiite volunteer forces have been seen in several pictures portraying their humanity, helping Christians rescued from the ISIS terrorist group and even restoring Churches broken down by the fanatic terrorists.

The humanitarian move has received huge attention in social media, and several photos and messages have been published about it.

Shuaib Ahmad, a social media user, said in a post in Twitter, “West calls them “Shia militias” but they restore Iraqi Christian churches after battling with Wahhabi ISIS terrorists.”

He went on to say that “This is how Iraqi Shiite army save lives of Iraqi Sunnis and Iraqi Christians from Sunni /Salafi /Takfiri ISIS terrorists.”

Here are photos of these Shiite forces helping Christians:



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