Russia calls on Armenian leadership to remember plight of countries that pinned future on US

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has advised the Armenian leadership to remember what he described as the unenviable fate of countries that relied on Washington.

Asked whether Armenia might lose Russia, he pointed out that a number of leading politicians in Yerevan wished to follow such a scenario and were looking toward the West.

“You know, there are many of those who wish to lose Russia and make new friends,” Lavrov told TASS.

“If they really rely on the United States, which is well seen in statements by many representatives of the Armenian leadership, then perhaps they should do well to look back on the recent history of how the United States treated those whom it tried to draw into its orbit in advancing its geopolitical interests in areas of the world far away from America’s shores. The fate of all these people was very, very unenviable,” Lavrov said.

He emphasized that in any case, Russia’s interests in the South Caucasus could not be geopolitically ignored.

“Historically, geographically and geopolitically it is impossible to lose Russia in the sense of completely ignoring its interests in the South Caucasus,” Lavrov pointed out. “But such hopes are harbored by some leaders in Yerevan, and they say so outright.”

In particular, Lavrov pointed out that such a remark was dropped by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in a recent speech. He argued there was a “need to compensate for the failed alliances on which Armenia had relied to ensure its security, and to expand the circle of partners who will ensure this security.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced earlier that Pashinyan’s September 24 message on independence contained unacceptable attacks against Russia that Moscow strongly rejected. As the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized, the head of the Armenian government, in fact, admitted that all this time his country was being deliberately prepared for turning away from Russia.

On September 8, Armenia’s ambassador Vagharshak Harutyunyan was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, to hear a strong warning in connection with Yerevan’s actions, which Moscow regarded as unfriendly. The Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized that Moscow remained certain that Russia and Armenia remained allies and all agreements on the development and strengthening of relations would be fully implemented to the benefit of the peoples of the two countries.

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