Friday, September 30, 2022

Religious Minorities Can Improve Iran’s Global Image: Minister

Iran's Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alawi emphasized the constructive role that leaders of religious minorities living in Iran can play in their interaction in the country's society and letting the world know about the realities on the ground in Iran.

In a meeting with leaders of religious minorities in Tehran on Wednesday, the intelligence minister said the true image of Iran has been very well introduced to the international community by the Iranian Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian leaders.

He also pointed to representatives of religious minorities’ membership in the Iranian parliament, saying the Islamic Republic’s move to allocate separate seats to Armenians and Assyrians, two Christian minorities who have been ethnically diversified, has made the non-Muslim citizens feel stronger bonds with their motherland.

Religious minorities enjoy a favorable position in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Under the Iranian Constitution, the recognized religious minorities have the right to elect parliamentary representatives of their own.

Five seats of the country’s parliament are reserved for religious minorities. There is one Zoroastrian, one Jewish and three Christian (two for Armenian Christians and one for Assyrians) lawmakers in the Iranian parliament.

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