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Places You Need to Avoid While on Your Rehab

Addiction is a habit and a habit is a mind-programed activity that should be performed for one to feel better. The habitual use of a substance is very terrible because of the social and health aspects of the user are altered. 

In rehab, people are admitted for therapeutic purposes so as to achieve maximum detoxification and become sober. While in rehab, many people undergo relapse because of going to places that trigger old memories and experiences. Addiction is more like training the mind to ensure it doesn’t depend on alcohol or substance to function.


Never Go to Places You Used to Drink

People who are in rehab must be kept away from the stimulus that triggers them to drink. Once the mind remembers the place where the addict used to drink, the person may fall back to relapse and start drinking again. Avoiding places that you used to go and drink or places you used to take the substance of abuse is like stopping triggers that can bring relapse. This is the best way to ensure you stick to the therapeutic interventions set by the doctors or Ready Clean detox for drug test, which is reviewed here.


Bars and Pubs Should Not Even Be Your Priority

Even if you are not going to the pub to drink, there is that smell of alcohol that you will feel around you. such a smell may trigger the mind and escalate your urge to drink. You might find yourself drinking without your intention and that could bring your addiction back. When in rehab, try as much as you can to stay away from alcohol selling shops because those will make you feel like you should take a sip. The bars are known to be a stimulus to people who used to drink. Never come near alcohol or places where people always drink.


The Group You Used to Abuse Drugs with

Bird of the same feathers fly together and this is the worst part of it. In as much as you want excellent outcomes, you need to forgo the bad company. Those are your friends but they may drag you to the substance abuse life that you used to live before. Avoid such friends and where you used to meet them so as to stop triggering the urge to take the substance that you used to take before. If possible, make sure you avoid such friends because they will always make you relapse.


Don’t Go to Places Where You Are Alone

Being alone means being lonely and idle. Instead of being in a secluded place, it is good to ensure you associate yourself with friends and people who can make sure you do activities to rejuvenate your mind. Go for football activities, do some group discussions, watch a movie with friends, and make sure you interact with jovial friends. You can even enroll in an exercise gym center where you can keep yourself busy by exercising and becoming fit. If you do that, you become occupied by good things and that will prevent you from thinking about drugs.



Always try as much as you can to stay off the hook of drug and alcohol abuse. If you were once an addict, it is easy for you to relapse if you don’t take care of yourself. Know where you are supposed to be and with who. Some people even choose a sobriety partner who will walk with them to ensure they don’t touch bad substances that could make them to relapse. Getting into substance abuse is not something for the weak, anyone can fall into that trap regardless of how emotionally strong they are.

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