Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Parliamentarians: Syrian elections showing country’s power

In Iran, 230 Parliamentarians has signed a statement where they believe Syrian recent election displayed government and people’s political power.

Mehr News parliamentary correspondent reported that the statement signed by 230 representatives in the open session today congratulated the Syrian people and government on election of Bashar al-Assad as the new president.

“The successful election was a show of power by people of Syria against US policies and its regional allies,” reads part of the statement, “Syrians aborted the US policies and ruses and brought their plots to dust with their majority vote to Mr. Assad, thus improving the cause of peace in the country.”

“Election was an indication that Syrian crisis had only a political solution, which in the first place, should rely on the Syrian public and their votes,” asserts the statement.

“Today, after 3 years of crisis and murder of thousands of innocent civilians and damages inflicted upon the country’s infrastructure, the US and its allies should felt responsible before the international public, and this is the right of Syrian people to seek redress from countries sending arms and terrorism to Syria,” says the statement.

“We as parliamentarians, congratulate great people of Syria and Mr. Assad on elections, and hope that this great political change would be an end to crisis and a beginning to reconstruction of the country, and call the government to support the Syrian’s steps to bring peace and fight terrorism as it did before,” the statement ends.

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