Saturday, March 2, 2024

Pakistan PM calls for nationwide protests ahead of no-confidence vote

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the masses to raise their voice against the “foreign conspiracy” being hatched to topple down his government. The parliament is set to vote on the no-trust motion against him on Sunday.

Ahead of the no-confidence vote in National Assembly, Khan on Saturday called for nationwide protests in Pakistan.

Addressing people during a Q&A session with ARY News, Khan asked the people of Pakistan to take to the streets today and tomorrow to protest against the no-confidence motion moved against him by the Opposition, who he called “traitors”.

“If it had been another country where such things were happening, people would have moved to the streets. I call on all of you to move to the streets today and tomorrow. You should do so for your conscience, in the interest of this nation,” he added.

He also urged the youth of Pakistan to agitate and raise their voice against the conspiracy by external forces. He claimed that the Opposition leaders are seeking power to dispose of the corruption cases against them.

He maintained that the “conspiracy” against his government has been proven as the politicians were being “traded out in the open” and trying to take down an elected government just because “they don’t like it.”

The country will “have no future” if the situation keeps moving in a similar manner, the prime minister stated.

Khan noted that when the United Kingdom attacked Iraq under the false pretext of having weapons of mass destruction, two million people came out on the streets and protested against it.

The PM claimed the move to remove him was an attempt at regime change backed by the United States.

The White House has denied that the United States is seeking to remove Khan from power after he made similar accusations in the past days.

Khan had stated his government handed an official protest to the US embassy on Friday over what it called Washington’s interference in the country’s affairs.

This comes as Pakistan is in political turmoil after the Opposition brought a no-trust motion against Khan. The Opposition has been confident that its motion would be carried as many PTI lawmakers have come out in the open against Khan. However, Khan has exuded confidence in the failure of the motion.

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