Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Navy chief: Iran seizes two US unmanned vessels for breaching safety laws

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani says the country’s naval forces have seized two American unmanned vessels during a mission in the high seas for violating international maritime law, delivering a warning to the US.

Addressing a welcoming ceremony for the 84th Naval Fleet at the end of its 86-day mission to international waters on Friday, Irani said the sea drones were seized for posing threats to the safety of maritime traffic.

The US should know that it must comply with international laws of navigation, said the Navy commander, adding that Iran, with its powerful presence in the region, will respond decisively to any move that endangers the security and safety of shipping.

Irani also commented on the mission of the 84th Fleet, saying it managed to carry out escort operations and establish maritime security at the highest possible level thanks to its powerful presence in the depths of the oceans, especially in the Red Sea.

In early September, an Iranian naval flotilla briefly seized two American military unmanned research vessels, which had lost contact with the control center, in the Red Sea to prevent possible maritime accidents.

Iran has also carried out numerous operations in recent months against fuel smuggling in the Persian Gulf.

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