Monday, May 23, 2022

Lebanon President Says PM Hariri under Arrest in Saudi Arabia

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has blasted Saudi Arabia for ‘detaining’ Prime Minister Saad Hariri, describing the move as an act of hostility against Lebanon.

“We consider Prime Minister Saad Hariri as being detained in Saudi Arabia and this is an act of aggression against Lebanon,” Aoun said in a meeting with the Lebanese Audio Visual Council on Wednesday.

Aoun said nothing justified Hariri’s continued stay in Saudi Arabia for 12 days.

“This contradicts the Vienna Treaty and human rights,” he was quoted as saying by the President’s Twitter account.

“Don’t be scared, economically, financially or security-wise. The country is safe and national unity supports safety,” Aoun added, according to Al-Ahed News.

“We cannot prolong waiting and losing time, because state affairs cannot be stopped.”

Reiterating his previous comments on Hariri’s resignation, Aoun said that it wasn’t possible to complete the resignation that was presented “from abroad.”

“He needs to return to Lebanon to submit his resignation or withdraw it, or to discuss reasons for it and solutions to it.”

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