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Label It: How to Stay Organized at Home

No matter how big or small, our homes are our castles. They are our safe havens. However, when things start to get messy and cluttered, they can start to feel like prisons.

This can be especially true if the task of keeping the home clean and organized falls primarily on your shoulders. Regardless of how many people are in your castle, however, staying organized doesn’t have to be a monumental task.

Learning how to stay organized at home can be quite simple, especially once everyone living there learns a few helpful habits.

Keep reading for our quick guide on keeping your home organized!

How to Stay Organized at Home

The following seven points will teach you how to stay organized at home for a simpler, less stressful life!

Studies actually show that clutter causes anxiety. That’s right, all those little things lying around the house can be a constant nag on your mental health! It’s time to get organized and drop the tension!

1. Everything Needs a Home

Make sure everything in the house has a home. Every single item must have a designated space.

Houses can quickly become cluttered because people don’t know where things go. It’s easier to lay an item down randomly when it doesn’t have a specific space. Avoid adding clutter by taking the time to give everything in your house a home.

2. Start Each Day with a List

Another great tip for learning how to stay organized at home is by making a list for each day.

This to-do list will contain chores around the house, errands, events, etc.

By having a list in front of you rather than trying to rely on memory, things are less likely to slip through the cracks.

3. Put Stuff Away Immediately

As soon as something is done being used, it must be put away immediately. This is one of the biggest causes of messes and clutter in a home.

Your children and your spouse need to be on board with this. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll be surprised how clean your house stays.

4. Labels Are Your Best Friend

If it were just you, keeping a home would be much simpler. However, with a family, it seems like no one knows how to put things back or where things go. An easy fix to that would be a label maker.

With a custom label template for every bin, jar, box, or pantry, no one will have any doubts as to where things go! Sure, you could pull out the duct tape and sharpie, but what fun would that be?

5. Take a Minimalistic Approach

Next, you may want to consider decluttering your home. Most of us have way too much stuff as it is.

Learning how to stay organized at home may mean learning how to let things go.

The less junk we have floating around the house, the less there is to be left out and disorganized.

Don’t Do It on Your Own

Learning how to stay organized at home without pulling out your hair means everyone has to get involved. When it comes to cleaning up after ourselves, no one should be exempt.

While it may take some adjusting and learning, make sure everyone in the household knows what’s expected of them!

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