Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Iranian MP: West must accept Iran’s conditions in Vienna

A member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has criticized the US for sticking to sanctions on the Islamic Republic while the Vienna talks continue.

Zohreh Elahian described the Vienna talks aimed at sanctions removal and revival of the 2015 nuclear deal as tough and serious.

She told IRNA if the Western side is determined to reach a deal, it must accept Iran’s conditions and remove all nuclear-related sanctions.

She underlined the need for verification of a possible agreement in Vienna, noting that the government will not wait for the result of the Vienna talks.

Elahian said the current administration is seeking to strengthen the country’s economic diplomacy and improve relations with neighbors with the aim of neutering anti-Iran sanctions. Elahian also urged the US and Europe to stick by their commitments following a possible deal in Vienna.
Elahian noted that if the Vienna talks do not result in sanctions removal, then Iran will put the notion of strengthening its economic diplomacy on the agenda more than ever before to help blunt the impact of the sanctions.

She said the selling of 1 million barrels of oil per day proves that the current Iranian administration has managed to properly come up with solutions to neuter the sanctions.

Elahian also touched on the 25-year strategic partnership deal with China, saying it paves the way for selling oil and for the imports of technology to Iran as well as foreign investments in the country.

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