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Iran Strongly Denounces Tillerson’s ‘Interventionist’ Remarks

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman has slammed the anti-Iran remarks recently made by US Secretary of State, saying that such statements are 'totally unacceptable'.

In response to the recent statements by Rex Tillerson, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said such remarks are ‘interventionist’ and clear violation of norms of international law.

Qassemi also called the foreign policy of the new government in the United States “confused, affected by inappropriate suggestions, and escaping from realities,” adding that the most recent example of this policy are the statements made by Tillerson.

Earlier, the US Secretary of State claimed that Iran continues activities and interventions that destabilize the Middle East. He also accused Iran of providing support for the Assad government, funding militias and foreign fighters in Iraq and Yemen, and arming “terrorist” organizations like Hezbollah, which threaten Washington’s ally Israel. “We and our allies must counter Iran’s aspirations of hegemony in the region,” Tillerson had noted in an address to the US House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman further noted on Thursday, “Undoubtedly, such immature and inappropriate remarks are attempts to create gap within Iran’s ruling system and also to create divisions among the great Iranian nation. Like the last four decades, such false wishes will not come true. Since the 1950s, the US has been seeking different forms of intervention in Iran such as coup d’état, regime change, and military intervention.”

They have been continuously and formally pursuing this within the first three decades after the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Qassemi noted.

However, he added, such efforts have always failed and led to Iranians’ hatred for the US and an international embarrassment for Washington.

“New authorities in the US seem to have forgotten that recently their predecessors were forced to apologize to the great nation of Iran for their moves to overthrow the popular and national government of Iran [in 1953] and also for their support for the dictatorial and tyrannical establishment [of Shah], and at the same time for their political slogans to promote democratic values in the years following the 1953 coup,” Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman added.

Qassemi slammed the US government for adopting such a futile approach towards Iran for several decades, saying such moves have always been counterproductive.

“This has been proven by huge turnout of the great nation of Iran in many elections in which they exercised democracy at the ballot box,” Qassemi added.

“During the consolidation years of the Iranian revolution and at the time of the imposed war [in the 1980s] and illegal sanctions against the country, the Iranian government and nation proved that they stand out to protect their country, the Establishment and its ideals with rationality, wisdom and unity,” he noted.

“These baseless and fanciful remarks are despised and rejected by Iranians from all walks of life who are educated and resisting.”

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman also warned Trump’s administration not to go astray visa-a-vis the great and brave nation of Iran. He also advised them not to make a mistake again because it would only lead to more regret and heavy losses for them.

“The only option for them [US officials] is to have a clear understanding of the realities in Iran and the region, and not to make idle threats.”

Qassemi advised the US officials to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Iran and the other regional countries and instead deal with the developments in Iran and the region realistically and logically.

“They should know that like security and sustainable stability, the historical, geographical, and cultural realities are far beyond doing business with and milking the regional countries. Wisdom, understanding and thinking is needed,” he pointed out.


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