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Iran President Raisi says plight of region can be solved through formation of Palestinian state in all of Palestine, calls for arming Palestinians

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has hailed the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for their 35-day resistance against the Zionist regime, calling for the arming of Palestinians in the face of the Israelis.

Speaking at the emergency summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Saturday, President Raisi said this resistance is “a matchless record”.

“We kiss the arms and hands of Hamas”, calling the resistance group “a hero”. The Iranian president also paid tribute to the people of Gaza for what he described as their “steely resolve”.

Raisi then slammed the US for its unbridled support of the Israeli regime and filling its arsenals with arms. He said both the war machine of Israel and the machine’s fuel come from the US.

The Iranian president blamed the US for all “ills”, pointing to Washington’s wars on Iraq and its occupation of Syria and other Muslim countries.

Raisi also spoke about the creation of Israel in the first place, saying the installment of “this bloodletting regime in the heart of the Muslim world pursued no goal other than domination of the region by arrogant Western powers”.

He noted that the plight of the West Asian region can be resolved if some measures are taken. Those measures, Raisi said, include lifting the siege of Gaza, the withdrawal of the Zionist troops from the territory, cutting all political and trade ties with the Zionist regime, supporting those who sanction the regime and the blacklisting of the Israeli army as a terrorist organization by Muslim nations.

Other solutions offered by Raisi were the dispatch of relief aid for the Palestinian people and the formation of a Palestinian government in all of occupied Palestine following a referendum.

The Iranian president also called for setting up a fair tribunal for probing Israeli crimes and the prosecution of both Israeli officials and its US supporters for “their complicity” in those crimes.

Raisi also urged the formation of a fund for the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip.
The Iranian president highlighted the arming of the Palestinian people to confront the war-mongering usurping forces should the occupation of their land continues.

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