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How to Write an Excellent Resume for Work

Getting an interview is becoming a challenging task, with an increase in the number of job seekers. More individuals are competing to get the few job opportunities available.

This implies that you have to take an extra step to get the attention of an employer. A resume is one of the most effective ways of differentiating yourself from other job seekers.

What is a resume for a job?

Most likely, you have heard the word “resume” but you may not know exactly what it means and why you need one when searching for a job. A resume refers to a written compilation of your education, work experience, and all your accomplishments. It is usually the first document that a company receives from an applicant. While the U.S. and Canada use the word “resume,” in other parts of the world like Australia and India use the terms “resume” and “curriculum vitae (CV)” interchangeably.

Put the resume on LinkedIn

LinkedIn will offer an opportunity for a potential employer to explore your academic and work experiences. LinkedIn has become a platform where professionals connect. It also allows employers to connect with potential employees. Include a URL to your LinkedIn profile to give an employer an idea of your professional achievements. You can click to learn more about how to create a professional LinkedIn profile.

Remain Consistent and legible

The hiring manager should find your resume very easy to read. Someone should quickly scan through your resume and get most of the details. In order to make the resume legible, you should:

  • Use a readable font like Times New Roman. Avoid fonts that are distracting and make reading challenging.
  • Identify the right font size. It should not be too small or too large. A font of 12 is appropriate.
  • For a resume in hard copy, avoid a colored paper.

A professional resume should have consistency. This can be achieved by:

  • Using the same font size for the headlines
  • Formatting bullets the same. The bullets should have the same font and size. If for instance you decide to use bullet points, you should maintain the same throughout the resume.

Which format will be the best?

The format you will use will largely depend on the industry you are applying for a job. Generally, there are three formats you can utilize:

  • Chronological

The format is useful where you want to show the progress of your career. An employer will be in a position to see how you have managed to advance in your career life.

  • Functional

The functional format emphasizes more on career achievements. It is more appropriate for individuals who have expertise in a certain field. The format demonstrates what an applicant can do.

  • Combination

Here, an applicant uses aspects derived from both the chronological and functional formats. If you are not sure how to create a resume, you can use this format.

You can use different writing services

Where you do not know how to make a professional resume, you can seek the assistance of writing services. Companies that write essays online, such as EssayZoo can customize a resume to meet the requirements of a potential employer. You can easily order a resume online and have a professional writer work on it.

Include contact information

Your contact information is essential since a potential employer will use it to reach out to you. Below is the information you should include in the resume and the order in which it should appear.

  • Name: The first and last names (the middle name is optional)
  • Phone number: A personal cell phone is more appropriate compared to a home number.
  • Email address: Include a valid mail. Avoid addresses that have sex innuendoes or abusive words.

You can also include other optional contact information like:

  • Social media. Include your social media handle if it is related to the job you are applying.
  • You can include a link to your blog or website if necessary

Keep it Focused

The best resume includes the necessary information that an employer requires. Avoid adding details that are unnecessary for the job you are applying. Avoid including personal information, your resume.

Your resume does not need to have:

  • Date of birth
  • Disabilities
  • Ailments
  • Health status
  • Skin color

Include details that demonstrate that you are qualified for the job. A page or at most two is enough for a resume.

You need a perfect paper

A majority of the professional positions mandate that candidates should submit a resume as a requirement in the application process. Since a resume is the first thing a company receives from an applicant, it is critical to make sure the document is professional. Submitting a resume that has grammatical errors, clumsy, and difficult to read can disqualify a candidate from a job. Given that hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes, a professional resume can earn a candidate a chance for an interview and subsequently a job.

For you to stand a chance to get an interview, you need to have the perfect resume. Since you may not know how to create one, you may seek assistance. Companies that write essays online are appropriate for writing a resume for you. You can submit your details to an essay writing company and expect a perfect paper. Here, you stand a chance of having your resume written by an experienced writer, which makes it more professional.

Utilize Resume Examples and Templates

When making a resume for the first time, you may not know what to include and what to leave out. This is why is crucial to find resume examples and templates online. Resume examples will give you an idea of the details you need to have. Resume templates will enable you to format your document well. You should, however, be careful when using resume examples and templates. Remember to customize them to fit the specific job you are applying.

Get Creative, but do not forget to edit

When you are applying for a position in the creative industry, you cannot use a traditional approach to making resumes. You need to show your creativity in the resume! You can include links to works you have created, videos, infographics and any other thing that will give you a milestone. In your creativity, remember to edit the resume to remove grammatical mistakes like spelling. You can use proofreading sites like Grammarly to edit your document.

Concisely, you have learned how to build a resume. Follow the steps outlined here carefully, and you will be amazed at the reception your resume will receive. Remembers that you want a hiring manager to have the best impression of you. So, it is necessary to take your time and make a professional resume.

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