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How to Write an English Term Paper

A Term paper is a document similar to a research paper. It is a vast area of writing and could be written on various topics regarding the subject. One has to choose a narrowed-down topic before he starts to write it. Furthermore, it needs a particular layout and style to give it its unique quality.

It could be interesting for those who like writing English and studying its Linguistics. People with no taste for this subject would end up in a state of hysteria and incompetence.                             

The English Term Paper consists of a small number of pages, in essence, from 8 to 10, with a word count of over Three Thousand and Five Hundred words at most.


How to Write an English Term Paper

The following components help to make up a term paper for English Linguistics;

Title Page:

The title page varies according to the type of format that one makes use of. For example, in an MLA format. One has to write the following details:


  • The Title, center-aligned, in bold and with each letter capitalized,


  • Your name,


  • Your course,


  • Your instructor’s name and then


  • The Submission date.


Table of Contents:


In this part of the document, you have to enlist all that is being followed. That means all the subtopics that are being discussed and their headings and subheadings are here. The number of pages should also be mentioned.




It consists of;


  • A brief explanation of the issue at hand


  • Aim of that writing


  • What is being answered in your paper


  • A brief layout of that research


  • The link with your term paper


  • The process of research


Main Body:


The main body is of the longest. It includes different topics and subtopics. It follows your argument in a comprehensive way. In citations, it is also necessary to quote the original author(s). It needs to have a methodological approach, the current state of the investigation, briefing about the primary literature, and your own Perspective.




The conclusion requires a precise and complete summary of the entire document. That includes the main problem, its solution that you have found, and the observations with its interpretation. It should not have any new information.


Bibliography or Citations:


The kind of style that you have been following will dictate the way your bibliography will be like.




A complete list of all the pictorial, written or graphical materials utilized makes up an appendix. 


Tips for Writing a Good Term Paper


  • Always have a clear mind of what you are going to produce


  • Choose proper term paper topics for English literature and then select one out of them all.


  • Build up your argument with solid facts


  • Do not leave any loose ends unexplained


  • Cite every source


  • Use an easily comprehensible medium of writing.


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