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How To Stand Out in Your Online Tutoring Business  

Ensuring a well-source of income could be a very strenuous task, especially when it comes to deciding on the right place to invest your time and effort. 

Online tutoring has gathered the attention of many people recently, as education has suddenly faced the challenge of providing quality education against the many obstacles of today. These obstacles, however, have placed online tutoring under the scope and this might be just the opportunity to think about making a profit out of becoming a tutor and/or setting up your tutoring business. 

We’ll dive into a few things to consider when enrolling and researching into the online tutoring business to start making a great living out of it. As tutoring platforms compete in terms of attracting tutors and users that will pay for their services, thinking that tutoring will be a complex task might be something of the past. To get things into motion, we´ll discuss four different perspectives about online tutoring and how to make this type of business a feasible option. 

The Biggest Hurdle is Getting Started

This type of business may be an equivalent to many freelance platforms out there, with the difference that it focuses on one specific profession. The enrolling process might be as easy as singing up to a social media platform, but it might differ on the next step which is ensuring the quality of the student experience. Some platforms are more difficult to enroll than others, but keep in mind that when it comes to education, degrees will matter, but are not always necessary. 


In platforms such as TutorMe you´ll have to meet the quality expectations. As it is a platform which offers users a guaranteed high-quality help from their tutors, then the entry process might not be as easy as expected, however being accepted on this platform ensures that tutors will earn $15 per hour and they are very precise about their sessions. If you believe to have a competitive resume, then this is the platform for you. 

Exceptional Services Required

We talked about how the biggest obstacles could be getting accepted, but once you’re in, the next step might be more or less complex which is establishing a strong network with students. Think of online tutoring as not only a business to make a profit, but also as a way of proving to others that your services are exceptional. Most platforms offer their users a money back guarantee if they were unsatisfied with their tutoring experience, then how well you handle your first couple of students will likely define your future in the platform just as your earnings. 


One platform with a pool of highly qualified tutors is Studypool. In the last few years this platform has shifted to enhance and prioritize the student and tutoring experience to ensure they will have the proper individuals suitable as tutors for a specific subject (or subjects). It might be challenging at first, however this is done to ensure students are 100% satisfied with their tutoring experience which in the long run will bring more students on the platforms for tutors to work with. The site provides tutors with the opportunity to successfully answer questions through a video tutoring session within the student’s established time frame. Earnings can go as high as $7,500 monthly to a couple of hundred dollars a month depending on how well you perform. 

Make The Most from Very Little

When thinking about tutoring, some individuals may picture the traditional one to one hour or more sessions with a skilled professional. However, this concept has taken the next steps in evolution as you might find platforms that allow you to focus your effort in one thing and then make a profit out of it. We are talking about the concept of course-tutoring, this is done by creating a lesson-course and expecting students to enroll and after being tutored on the subject of their need, their reviews from it will increase your reputation and allow the opportunity of increasing the value of your lesson-courses.

Platforms such as Chegg, Udemy and Khan Academy focus on this type of tutoring. This concept might go beyond what we have understood about tutoring and opens up a new possibility of a stable income. If you have earned a high-qualified degree and you consider yourself very knowledgeable on a certain area of expertise, then we strongly recommend creating a course on Coursera. This platform also enables you to work together with other high-qualified professionals so besides earning a great monetary reward, you will also begin your journey into building a great network of professionals. Earnings reported for creating a course go on an average of $45,000 yearly.

Prove Your Skills To Others

We talked about how tutoring platforms have upped their game, perhaps it is highly relevant to mention that they might have even taken the next steps into education without noticing it! We are referring, however, to the tools being facilitated in the tutoring platforms. While most tutors are guided on how to use them, these tools enable tutors to get the most out of their preparation and teaching skills while earning a competitive salary. 

In terms of offering advanced tools for tutoring, platforms like Wyzant have an advanced whiteboard system which enables a very profound and creative tutoring session. The idea of this tool is to potentialize tutoring skills and to guarantee its users that they will receive the help needed from all their available tutors. Reports have been that a tutor could earn $70 an hour per successful tutoring session. 

In conclusion, we hope these four perspectives could give you a better understanding of the online tutoring business. Some of the greatest obstacles identified include the enrollment process or being efficient. However, as we showed up before, this might not be the case for all platforms out there. If you have the right preparations, skills, and degrees then this business might not break a sweat at all. 

Remember, there might be other views that we might have not considered and which may result in a more feasible experience. Also, we encourage the reader to take in consideration today’s challenges and how this type of business might create a great opportunity which could favor  you from it. 


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